Would you buy a refurbished laptop?

  1. Zaiden Jace profile image66
    Zaiden Jaceposted 4 years ago

    Would you buy a refurbished laptop?

  2. Tonyx35 profile image61
    Tonyx35posted 4 years ago

    I have in the past. The notebook was an older Intel Pentium Dual-Core from Toshiba? 15" screen at a fairly reduced price ( around 300.00 USD) 

    The place I got it from was had a 90-day warranty policy on all their refurbished gear and the warranty was only covered by the "mom and pop" shop,  This might scare quite a few people away considering the standard warranty for newly purchased gear is 1 year.   I didn't really take it outside the home, careful about having drinks near it ( and other accidental damage) so it lasted for good while.