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Blogger, Wordpress or Website?

  1. meloncauli profile image96
    meloncauliposted 4 years ago

    Blogger, Wordpress or Website?

    I am looking to find either a website or blogging site in which there is potential to earn reasonable financial reward. I was going to do a self-hosted Wordpress account but I am not HTML savvy. Would this matter? Am I better off just having my own website. Which would you advise and why? Thanks

  2. CraftytotheCore profile image81
    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    I personally had trouble figuring out Wordpress, but I'm not all that techy.

    Blogger has an easy platform to use, but isn't all that earning friendly these days that I have heard.  (I'm by no means an expert in this area.)

    There are website hosting companies offering free trials right now.  It might be advisable to go with a website and blogger account to draw traffic to each other.

  3. profile image0
    nikashi_designsposted 4 years ago

    Great question. I used Blogger ten years ago and works fine but lacks full creative control. I now have 130 websites with more than half of them hosted on my own domains using Wordpress. You have infinite control with the use of pluggins which are free. Social media, shopping carts, and advertising. The nice thing is you can set up wordpress with an app on your phone, upload blog entries, pictures, and tags. I have slowly been transitioning to more advance sites that offer really fantastic control but the learning curve is very severe. Wordpress is the way to go. If you like I have dozens of un-used domains and can set up a site for you in a matter of seconds. That way you can log in and play around with Wordpress and decide if you like it or not. Can help with advice and plugins and all that. Great video tutorials are also available on YouTube. Let me know. Take care and hope this was a bit useful. What kind of site are you interested in building?  One last note, with Wordpress you can RSS feed all your Hubpages and not be penalized by Google.  PS- You don't have to no any HtML for Wordpress.

  4. brblog profile image86
    brblogposted 4 years ago

    Both WordPress and Blogger can be free-standing websites with your own domain name (if you want them to be) and both can be monetized. They can also be made to look more like a website and less like a blog – if you want that. I have used both and find Blogger easier to use. I think it is easier to use because it offers less options for customization. WordPress is a wide-open platform so there are many more options for themes, formatting and ad-ons. For revenue generation, WordPress also has more flexibility. As far as HTML goes, you can get by without that knowledge with both platforms but after you get into it a bit, I think you will find yourself picking up a little HTML knowledge along the way. I used GoDaddy Website Tonight for a simple website for an organization I work with (the website was actually created prior to my involvement). I use it but am really not that impressed with it. I am sure there are other website generator platforms out there as well but when I needed to create a professional website for myself, I went with WordPress.

  5. miniqus profile image60
    miniqusposted 4 years ago

    Wordpress is a good option to create your blog and earn revenue from it. I have friends who are earning good from their wordpress blogs.

    This CMS is easy to use. You can easily add blog posts and new pages without any knowledge of html.


  6. theguruseye profile image58
    theguruseyeposted 4 years ago

    Since your not that savvy I would suggest that you invest in an already built website or blog. There are quite a few at flippa that are decently priced. Some even have traffic and monetization already established.

    If you have a shoestring budget then try blogger, its alot more novice user friendly and free. 

    Wordpress is a powerhouse and does take some finessing.

  7. BloggingBuddha profile image61
    BloggingBuddhaposted 2 years ago

    If you are interested in monetizing your content then you would need to go with a self-hosted WordPress blog versus something like Blogger, Tumblr, Wix etc...

    The affiliate opportunities available when you own your own website far outweigh those available on just about any other blogging platform.

    If you are serious about blogging and are trying to make money from blogging then I would definitely recommend going with a self-hosted WordPress.org website.

    You can learn more about WordPress.org here: https://wordpress.org/

    If you need more information about how to start a blog you can find it here - https://thebloggingbuddha.com/

    Good luck on your journey!

  8. tanyachauhan profile image61
    tanyachauhanposted 10 months ago

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  9. Jaypatel2 profile image61
    Jaypatel2posted 4 months ago

    I am SEO expert and I can understand your requirement. Wordpress would be a good option if you increase its followers that help in rankings and earn reward from it, Another option you should try google's blogger where you can create your post and also you can create your own HTML code. However, you can take services from best website hosting providers at cheapest rates, here I can recommend Vrinsoft PTY LTD as the best hosting provider in Australia Melbourne.