Fast Moving Mobile Technology - Is It disadvantageous?

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    sachin001posted 3 years ago

    Fast Moving Mobile Technology - Is It disadvantageous?

    Internet browsing has increased remarkably and mobile technology is striving day by day to bring the entire world into the palms of the individuals. Since carrying of portable laptops is always not easy hence people prefer to surf any information through their mobile phones.

    The GPRS plans are available and seem to be custom made to suit the purpose of all the people of different stratum.

    Do you think that mobile phones are only advantageous or are there any disadvantage of this fast moving mobile technology?

    Please share your ideas.

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    skagraposted 3 years ago

    No, as a scientist already told about electronics that the chip area will half and components will double on every two years, so if components get smaller means more module can be inserted in to tiny device, and i don't think it will be bad

  3. JamesWhitaker profile image60
    JamesWhitakerposted 3 years ago

    I this it is not disadvantageous, we are being taught to have more things to do through our mobile and it will be handy for us to do another task with lesser time compared to our routine before.

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