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Will the newer generation have difficulties with face to face communication beca

  1. victoria1800 profile image80
    victoria1800posted 3 years ago

    Will the newer generation have difficulties with face to face communication because of apps?

    Now there are so many apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, which enables you to talk to others through text for free. Do you think the younger generation will have difficulties with face to face communication in the future because of this?

  2. HappyTom LM profile image70
    HappyTom LMposted 3 years ago

    I see it already that for younger people it is more difficult to communicate than older people. Maybe this already began. It would be a very bad future if we could not communicate normal. Communications skills are very important for private and business, they should be learnt in school.

  3. Niko Linni profile image87
    Niko Linniposted 3 years ago

    I'm the odd bunny out on this - that is, I don't jump on the tech hate bandwagon. I feel that apps can make it so people who are not as efficient at face to face communication will be able to evade the issue longer, but I still feel that face to face, well it offers something that you don't get through text. Heck even going online in Second Life and chatting with other people and their avatars (the game's word for the players' characters) seems to offer a world of difference from mere text chatting. Then again avatars in SL can be decked out with animations, colors, clothing, and other things, so an Av can still make more of a personal statement about someone way more than a profile picture and 120 characters can. Besides, I think we're also leaving out the fact that people webcam chat, or that we've got plenty of people going on YouTube and doing...whatever they do. It ain't easy. I play the character of Razzle Joestar in my YouTube gaming videos, and eventhough it's just me talking into a mic I still get somewhat nervous!

  4. Naveed Ahmed 624 profile image85
    Naveed Ahmed 624posted 3 years ago

    Certainly, it will. People all around are becoming more and more technology equipped and thus falling in addiction to it. I have observed (and so would have many) that young people with smart phones and gadgets give less time to their real physical environment and people around them, and more to the ones they are linked with through the gadgets in their hands. They would talk less to those in front of them but more with those who are online with them.

    This behavior, in the long-run, I believe would become an attitude that would reduce interpersonal skills and face to face interactions would be weakened. Weak face to face interactions reduce trust and thus the relationship and affection between the two too. Therefore, I find that the newer generation would certainly have difficulties with face to face communication because of apps.