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My question is why do live just to die?

  1. Jose Caez profile image59
    Jose Caezposted 3 years ago

    My question is why do live just to die?

    Do we live just too serve the rich and die a slave? Real stuff we should know. Go Search Blueplanetproject on Google.


  2. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago


    The majority of people unfortunately live lives of utter desperation.  They also live lives as slaves of one kind or another.  Many are programmed to merely exist instead of living their lives at their fullest human potential.  The majority of people follow the inculcations and indoctrinations of their parents, their sociocultural/socioeconomic group, and/or their particular religion as to how to live their lives.

    Many people contend that they are powerless regarding their own fate and/or destiny.  They feel that they are at the behest of those more powerful and authoritative.  They contend that they do not have the wherewithal as to how to make their own lives exciting, fulfilling, and successful.  They assert that as average people, they are to live a live as average and as nondescript as possible.  They are of the school that only the very few lucky people really live a life beyond ordinary monotony.

    The average person is quite fearful of his/her own greatness and potential.  The message is to be moderately successful i.e. not being poor enough to starve or need any type of aid and not being wealthy enough to have a superiority complex, be greedy, and extravagant.  Many people are inculcated to lead average lives, not make waves, and stand out from the crowd.   Have you noticed that people who possess what is considered to be an inordinate amount of self-confidence are told that they are conceited and to get back to their place?   People who are a high sense of themselves and who are too ambitious are viewed as threats by the majority of people. 

    On the contrary, people see highly successful people as so unlike them.  They contend that such people did not come from backgrounds such as theirs.  They see the highly successful as the elect while they are simply average if that.  Many people lead grey, monotonous lives of the living dead because of their particular mindset.  They are afraid of cultivating their unique greatness, instead preferring the stultifying, stagnant uncomfortableness of being just average. 

    Only a small percentage of people want to fulfill their passion, wanting to live at their ultimate human potential.  Such people contend that they are powerful in their own lives.  In addition to that, they intend to live on their own terms or die trying.  They are the ones who believe in living their lives at full throttle and with no regrets.   They are of the school that they AREN'T going to die with their music in them.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Life is a personal journey.
    Death is the end of all living things and even "the rich" die too!
    Your conception and birth were out of your hands. You can ask your parents why they wanted to have children.
    However once you are here the goal is to make the most of your life through learning and gaining experiences that enrich your life as well as others.
    Who is to say that (you) can't become rich?
    No one ever got rich without directly or indirectly enriching the lives of others! Even if you bought a winning lottery ticket the owner of the gas station, liquor store, or grocer would receive a percentage for selling you the winning ticket.
    Rich people usually create companies which create jobs which allow employees to earn money to buy food, cars, homes, clothes, pay for the education of children, in addition they give away money to various charitable organizations. Not everyone who is rich was "born rich". Lots of rich people are self-made!
    Some people lack the courage to pursue their dreams, others give up before realizing their dreams, and still others have no desire or inclination to pursue becoming wealthy. They're happy with picking up a paycheck.
    What you decide to make of your life is up to you!
    If there were no such things as entrepreneurs we'd all have to live off our land, grow or hunt our own food, build our own homes from cutting down trees with tools we'd have to make, make our own clothes and so on.
    The exchange of money for goods and services improves all of our lives. There is nothing stopping you from coming up with an idea, product, or service that others would pay for. Having a "slave" mindset makes you bitter.
    Even poor people have moments they're grateful to be alive! Take a stroll along the beach, a walk through a park, watch or listen to the performances of talented individuals, traveling, meeting someone special and falling in love are all things most of us can enjoy in life.
    The world may not owe you anything but (you) owe yourself the world!
    Life is what (you) make it! Make the (most) of your time on earth!

  4. Sri T profile image79
    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    We live to enjoy the process. Everything goes through the process. You can enjoy each moment if you have no attachment. Celebrate birth, then celebrate life and finally celebrate the afterlife. Life is a great illusion based on the concepts that you entertain. Change your thoughts and your world will change. It's better to laugh and enjoy it, than to complain and cry about it. People can rise or remain the same.