I've received an email via HubPages re one of my gardening hubs. It looks legiti

  1. Gloriousconfusion profile image88
    Gloriousconfusionposted 10 months ago

    I've received an email via HubPages re one of my gardening hubs. It looks legitimate. Do I reply?

    The problem is that the email address is stated to be via HubPages but unverified.  In the light of yesterday's huge ransomware hacks all over the world, I don't want to take any unneccesary risk.  What precisely does it mean if unverified (presumably by HubPages)?

    What should I do?

  2. kar351 profile image85
    kar351posted 10 months ago

    I am replying to you, because I receive an email from HP with this question. Kinda funny. I clicked the link and here I am.

    I do not know what email provider you use, I use hotmail. Since in my settings here on HP I have turn on notifications from HP, like I presume you also must have, I get verified emails.

    On Hotmail, in the header of the mail, there is a purple circle with the letters HE. That is Hubpages editor.

    If the email came from this: editor@hubpages.com then it is legit. Other then that is suspicious.

    Also in the message was saying that you where asking about this with a link for your question:

    https://hubpages.com/technology/answer/ … do-i-reply

    At the end you have the logo of Hubpages and if you hoover your mouse on it it shows the link: http://hubpages.com/

    Hubpages do not send emails with attachments so if your have one, delete it cause it is fake.

    Also pay always attention to the links before clicking on them.

    I receive sometimes email saying that my paypal account just have new funds but the links makes me laugh. Things like paypal_account.net for example.

    Always check the links. If they look to weird better avoid them, not only for HP but for any other type of site that you use.

    If you need anything else or any more explanation or help let me know.