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  1. frogdropping profile image80
    frogdroppingposted 12 years ago

    I use FF. Had it a while and only began using it daily after a still-not-removed virus attached itself to IE.

    I was thinking of alternatives - Google Chrome, Opera. Anyone use browsers other than IE or FF? Likes, dislikes?

    1. profile image0
      mtsi1098posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I would stay with FF...I have been using various browsers for a while and FF always seems to be the best...

      1. profile image35
        nbbatt.composted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I like FF. Faster and user-friendly. I usually use it to browser and work online. Another browser is Google Chrome. It is also good, simple and fast.

    2. rebekahELLE profile image85
      rebekahELLEposted 12 years ago

      I use FF with a verizon FIOS connection. it works great.

      1. wordscribe43 profile image90
        wordscribe43posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Exact same as me.  I agree, I rarely have any problems.

    3. IzzyM profile image88
      IzzyMposted 12 years ago

      I use Chrome and think its great. Fast and uncluttered, it still manages to remember all your visited sites so that inputting just one letter sometimes is enough to bring your chosen site up. It also works really well with the google keyword tool (unsurprisingly). Fewer button presses to research the competition. Best of all, it remembers all the sites you had open in tabs when you shut the computer for the night (or crash - whichever comes first) and one button click will reopen them all.

      1. profile image0
        ryankettposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Firefox does that remembering sites thing too, which is neat smile

    4. profile image0
      ryankettposted 12 years ago

      Firefox is my preferred browser.

      I do use IE occassionally, generally just because the icon is there and sometimes I click without thinking.

    5. sunforged profile image72
      sunforgedposted 12 years ago

      Firefox for all the specialized work

      Opera for just speedy web browsing

      IE is a museum piece

      Chrome is just redundant for my needs, not as fast as Opera not as customizable as Firefox.

      1. skyfire profile image82
        skyfireposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        LOL @IE

        For me chrome is the only way to publish hubs on low speed connection. FF/Opera refuses to load Hub edit tool if you're on low speed connection. My preference - FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE.

    6. frogdropping profile image80
      frogdroppingposted 12 years ago

      Thankyou everyone smile

      Ryan - neat? How very american of you lol!

      Izzy I was thinking of Chrome. I'n trying to find a way of moving a little faster on the 'net when I'm online. My ISP is abysmal at best and will remain so for the foreseeable future. FF is great TBH - I was just wondering if another browser loaded faster, despite T-Mobile moving as fast as next ice-age hmm

      rebekah - FF with a verizon FIOS connection? I don't have a scooby re FIOS smile

    7. Misha profile image63
      Mishaposted 12 years ago

      I use IE, FF, and Opera. smile

      As for the FIOS - it's a fiber optic connection from communications monopolist here in the USA. smile

    8. frogdropping profile image80
      frogdroppingposted 12 years ago

      Cheers Miash and sunforged. I had Opera, eons ago and always liked it. I'm thinking it may be a good bit better than it was back then smile

    9. Misha profile image63
      Mishaposted 12 years ago

      Cheers DropFrogging tongue

    10. frogdropping profile image80
      frogdroppingposted 12 years ago

      Gosh Misha I'm so sorry! Been in court a longggggg time today and the pomp, circumstance and bloody cross examining drained me beyond belief neutral

      1. profile image0
        ryankettposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        You weren't the defendant were you frogpoop?

        If you were a witness then expect a suspended sentence or a supervision order, those damn prisons are full!

        1. frogdropping profile image80
          frogdroppingposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          lol I was a witness. They ought to reconsider the system. Marching into a courtoom, full of people, defendants openly hating your presence, their family and friends not too far behind them, is no fun.

          And I don't care how truthful, how honest or careful the lawyers are - they do try put words in your mouth.

          No supervision orders for me. Y.O.T. don't want me on their books for one. I don't like them and don't mind telling them why. And I'm wayyyyy tooo nice for prison tongue

          Cheers mtsi - using ff and now have Opera. Kinda weird, it's changed a heck of lot!

          Edit - don't know why there are two of ryans quotes. I can only see one. Maybe Hubpages likes him so much they want him to echo?

          Edit #2 - removed the ryan echo. Weird. Not ryan - the echo smile

          1. profile image0
            mtsi1098posted 12 years agoin reply to this

            good luck with Opera...I am sticking with FF smile

    11. frogdropping profile image80
      frogdroppingposted 12 years ago

      Oh I don't want it as a primary browser, just a secondary. It does the job smile

      1. profile image0
        mtsi1098posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        sounds like fun... smile

    12. Csanad profile image73
      Csanadposted 12 years ago

      I have tried numerous versions of IE, FF, Opera, Chrome, and K-Meleon. My favorite is Chrome, followed by Opera. The reason I never use FF now, because it is just way too clutterd, and recently kept on crashing. FF used to be the fastest, but not any more.

      1. Vinal profile image61
        Vinalposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        FF definently!  More secure, simple to use and the new FF is going to be awesome smile

    13. paradigmsearch profile image60
      paradigmsearchposted 12 years ago

      I use FF for hub editing/publishing.

      But I use IE for everything else, including hub viewing; so as to be sure that all our IE visitors are able to view my hubs. smile

    14. Envoy profile image69
      Envoyposted 12 years ago

      Yep, yep I agree with most Fire Fox seems to be the best I have tried IE, Safari, Opera etc & as far as user friendly & usability FF is best! smile

    15. nikmaya62 profile image60
      nikmaya62posted 12 years ago

      FF is the best browser. It have many Add-ons that very useful for my needed. I think it is also fast browser, and easy to use. I never experience a crash while use it. It also give me nice themes. Actually, I use 2 browser, FF and chrome, but I more frequent use FF than chrome.

    16. Pearldiver profile image69
      Pearldiverposted 12 years ago

      FireFox also FD...

      Besides you can customize it completely with some pretty hot looking Frogs that won't flirt with you in front of the hubby! big_smile

    17. Buddzzz profile image41
      Buddzzzposted 12 years ago

      The Mozilla-based Flock.

      Firefox add-ons and extensions work. smile You can all thank me later!

    18. Mikeydoes profile image45
      Mikeydoesposted 12 years ago

      Firefox is great, obviously.  I use Google Chrome the most now though.

      When I am making hubs I love using Google Chrome, easy to navigate and a lot less typing with it.

    19. Jabapski profile image61
      Jabapskiposted 12 years ago

      I use Google chrome, it has new  and updated extensions and works fine and faster for broad applications. Great browser.

    20. technotips profile image59
      technotipsposted 12 years ago

      Stick with Forefox and if you want to try some another browser then go for Chrome

    21. Pcunix profile image92
      Pcunixposted 12 years ago

      I have FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and (in a VM) IE.

      I use Chrome for most of my daily work but use the others for special tests and to check my web pages when I make major layout changes.

    22. Mikeydoes profile image45
      Mikeydoesposted 12 years ago

      Is google chrome allowing you guys to go into adsense? For some reason I have to open up Internet Explorer to check.

      Been like this for 3-4 days now for me.

    23. profile image52
      samesurfasiaposted 12 years ago

      samesurf is a great browser to use. You can surf the web on your own or with your friends.  It's still in the beta version though.

    24. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 12 years ago

      I think Firefox is great, but I generaly use the browser most of the visitors to my webste are using (IE) for the very reason that if it isn't working well, I want to know right away.

    25. dilipchandra12 profile image68
      dilipchandra12posted 12 years ago

      am using Chrome... and FF too. i think both are fine but i feel more easier with Chrome... smile

    26. danatheteacher profile image62
      danatheteacherposted 12 years ago

      I use Chrome for most things at home.

      I use firefox for most things at work.

      I never use IE!

      Opera is nice for Widgets and on my phone. It is my primary browser on my phone without a doubt. I rarely use it on the PC

      1. Sekharg profile image61
        Sekhargposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I use Chrome. Firefox is 2nd  preference.

    27. RedElf profile image88
      RedElfposted 12 years ago

      I use Firefox and Chrome equally. Firefox won't view video (on HubPages), so I use Chrome for that. Chrome doesn't like to load photos (on HubPages) so I use Firefox for that. Others have no problems with either.

      Dumped IE a few years ago.

      Love them both, though Chrome is a tad faster, ad some of the Firefox add-ons slow it down a lot.


    28. Andrew0208 profile image58
      Andrew0208posted 12 years ago

      Desktop Browser:
      Opera Browser is speedy and secured.
      Fire Fox is truly a workforce, I use it a lot. Using both make surfing quite interesting.

      Mobile Browser:
      Opera mobile or Bolt mobile browser

    29. Pandoras Box profile image61
      Pandoras Boxposted 12 years ago

      Until I read a comment from PCU remarking on the slowness of FF, I used FF and IE. Immediately after that, I started noticing how slow FF is. I also began to have issues with it freezing up.

      Now I use Chrome. Very fast, very streamlined, but I miss certain handy buttons that aren't there.

      And of course I still use FF for it's many plug-ins, and as another poster commented, IE because the darned icon is just so familiar.

    30. Hugh Williamson profile image79
      Hugh Williamsonposted 12 years ago

      I'm on satellite but the connection isn't that fast. I've used FF for awhile b/c it seems to be faster.

      I tried out the FF Beta version & it worked OK but I couldn't get "History" to remember any visited sites.

      After reading the preceding posts, I think I'll give Chrome a try.

    31. Don Ship profile image75
      Don Shipposted 12 years ago

      Chrome is very fast, easy and awesome! I'd definitely go for Chrome any day!: D

    32. profile image54
      Patronusposted 12 years ago

      Never used IE.

    33. Iontach profile image67
      Iontachposted 12 years ago

      I say you'll deffo like this one: !
      This is all we use in Ireland.

    34. profile image0
      kimberlyslyricsposted 12 years ago

      what's a browser mate?

    35. profile image0
      J and Jposted 12 years ago

      I'm using Firefox at the moment. It does OK but on some of the facebook apps the kids use it seems to freeze for a while. I've tried Chrome in the last few days and that seems faster, certainly on most of the sites I visit such as news sites.
      I think the answer is 'it depends', have a few browsers. I certainly have problems with some forum sites with IE with sections of the site just not appearing, firefox works for them OK.
      It's as much down to the skill of the web site writer. Have several browsers and if one fails, swap to the other for that site.

    36. Bard of Ely profile image83
      Bard of Elyposted 12 years ago

      Google Chrome is what I am sticking with!

    37. kannanwrites profile image93
      kannanwritesposted 12 years ago

      Chrome is solid. Very fast to browse the net.

    38. Julz09 profile image61
      Julz09posted 12 years ago

      Using Chrome at the moment, although its very robust and quick to load up, have had some caching issues with it that requires clearing the cache more often then with firefox.


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