Creating an active environment or social network of your own today

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    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    How many people on hub pages have actually tried to create their very own social networking web location before.  It's not something too difficult to accomplish today, there's loads of web design tooling out here to accomplish such a goal.  The difficulty comes in attracting new people to your web location, which may take a great deal of effort on your part. 

    Establishing a well known community also requires you to be a highly active member of this new community, and you will need to be the leader of many groups it will be responsible for establishing, so think before you attempt at creating a social environment onto the web.  Teaming up with others works wonders and helps to ensure your not doing this all on your own, because group efforts work much more effectively in terms of others getting to help out one another, as well as with getting the word out in many differing ways. 

    If you've done any of the above yourself, lets hear your voices on what you've been through and how it came to be that you've desired in gaining a live active community of your own onto the world wide web.  We wanna know your story, triumphs, victories, and let downs!

    The actual names of your networks you've established shall not be posted onto this forum, nor any links or urls.  Please adhere to such rules and regulations established in these forums, and follow the spirit of the hubpages community when submitting any and all inputs.

    Note: this forum message isn't meant for self marketing or self promotions of any kind, its meant to inspire discussion on the topic of social network experience you may have had in attempting to establish your own without regard to titles thereof.