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iPad 3-Release Date, Rumors and Leaks

Updated on September 21, 2012


Our Industry Chinese insider friends that are behind the scenes in the ultimate design, were leaking some information to create some momentum and, maybe by some permission from Apple tye gave us some interesting news. According to Apple's Steve Jobs last hours decision, The HDTV of the future would have to wait until the spring of 2013.

Dubbed iTV at first, Apple TV will improve the services from HuluPlus and NetFlix. The reason behind this was the Battery and quality in the software. Remember, bringing your Cable TV to your own fingers on an sleaky iPAD, would've have been the dream of Captain Kirk and Flash Gordon. "Don't beam me up Scotty until I see the release date.."


These friends from the eastern lands told us that March 7th will fall on Wednesday, the day of the week that Steve loved the most, for kabbalistic purposes... we think. Apple has announced every..iPad on this day, and we think, Apple will respect His founder's wishes. The last word will be given by the new CEO Tim Cook, who definitely will make this occasion special, since Steve resigned on August 24, 2011.


As a preamble for a heavy duty service. The iPAD3, called by the geeks the new iPad-HD, will have a bigger battery in order to keep up with the dual-core specifications and its super flash memory. We noticed that the mount for the logical board are very different allowing for more space. A different camera is being be introduced, and the LCD has been altered and redesigned for good.


This new iPad Will be proudly touting a true retina display clocking in at 2048 x 1536. Can you imagine the sharpness of this beauty? Will feel like carrying your own 'fish tank' view to work! But we will have to sacrifice the slate at... about one millimeter thicker [and] will include a significantly more powerful GPU... or what in English would mean the visual processing unit. The capability to open windows with both fingers will feel like playing with virtual bubbles on your screen.


A multiprocessor that has 4 cores, has been known as Quad-core. With four or more independent actual processors, you can download movies and play your favorite latest game. But Apple is not telling us yet that Quad-core will be part of this release, but will stay on the A6 core. We think that the best will be saved for last: iPad 4. Samsung, who is busy working on both dual and quad-core processors for its own devices, has been providing support from the beginning.

So far, the new iPad, won't look any different on the outside, but will have more features on the inside. Steve wanted to change the way we learn in School. His vision was to offer his dream iBook to every single kid and why not their parents too. We still have a long way to go regarding Technology...

Another insider has told us about this tridimensional holographic device: Called by us HD-Net, where you will actually see your favorite webpage right on the air. The keyboard commands will be adjusted your latest IPhone. or a classical one from your local retail store. The sky is the limit Steve!

In Memoriam: Steve Jobs!

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  • jamila sahar profile image

    jamila sahar 5 years ago

    wow ! i can't believe it is already an ipad 3, as i am still learning to use my ipad 1 :-/

    thanks for sharing voted up interesting, useful

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi Susan,

    You've got to keep up with those students somehow...even texting is becoming the next Greg shorthand from our time. Unbelievable! Thanks for those kudos!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi Poohgranma,

    You will enjoying more of this pretty soon. Every six months there is a new discovery and actually will blow our minds. The thing is FaceBook will be a tridimensional networking and that will be fun! Throwing angry birds back into the LCD screen was something impossible 3 years ago!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks Molometer for stopping by,

    Regarding your question if this technology is available: Yes! but carriers like Virgin, Verizon and T-mobile have to agree on the royalties, licensing fees and patenting. This technology will be available tothe masses in a foorseeable future. The Cool videos wer made by these two geeks. But can you imagine being able to do all that in the middle of the living room? I would watch Mission Impossible 5 pretty soon on it...adding the pop corn of course!


  • sholland10 profile image

    Susan Holland 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri

    Ahhh, man, I just got an iPad2 for Christmas. No wonder I am technologically challenged. It is all moving so fast. LOL Great information! I am always excited when the new Apple products come out. I love my iPhone and iPad. Thanks for SHARING! :-)

    Votes and shares!

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

    Fantastic article. I am so amazed by the speed at which new technology is advancing. I really enjoyed this!

  • molometer profile image

    molometer 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Is that hologram for real?

    OMW what next

    Voted up and SHARING