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iPod Wireless Car Dock - iPod Connect to Car

Updated on July 16, 2011

The car. For some it's a second home, a place of refuge, a place to clear the mind. For others - it's just a machine used to get from point a to b. Either way it's a great place for music; it's another place to continue that soundtrack of your life. This means an iPod wireless car dock is needed for you to be able to iPod connect to car.

There are many iPod docks that are for the car that are nearly worth the price. Some just don't work, while some have low battery life. If you're going to be in the car a lot, then its necessary to have an iPod car dock that has high quality, and high durability. Whether it's an iPod car dock, iPod touch car dock, or iPhone car dock, to iPod connect to car is a necessity for music lovers.

Here is a list of the best iPod car docks.


Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone and iPod touch

Overview: This is the beast for iPhone car docks. It comes at a hefty price but for many, who seek the highest iPod dock quality, it's worth it. It's main selling point is improved GPS and navigation features. It has voice by voice instructions that can be played through the cars speakers, as well as further mapping and do-follow directions. Great iPod car dock for the constant traveler.


  • Built in GPS receiver, which boosts your iPhone already powerful GPS finder.
  • Adjustable mount. The iPhone car dock is not wireless but is built in a way that it's not noticeable. The mount can be moved into any position seen fit.
  • Works successfully with most navigation apps.
  • Will charge the iPhone or iPod touch quickly.
  • Hands free speaker phone. Make calls, or listen to voice mall, easily with quality.


Belkin TuneBase Direct with Handsfree for iPhone

Overview: Using a small cable Belkin TuneBase allows you to connect your iPhone or iPod directly into the car's auxiliary port and play music over your cars stereo. This is one of the most convenient ways to make your iPod connect to car like it's a car dock. Also allows hand-free phone calls, which is a nice extra feature.


  • Not wireless but has an adjustable mount which works just as well.
  • Charges iPod or iPhone.
  • Has a second USB port so that you can charge another iPod or another device.
  • The direct connection into the car port gives the highest audio quality.

Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter

Overview:  The classic wireless iPod car dock.  The iTrip works wonderfully in that it will take your iPod, or iPhone, and play its audio through the nearest and best FM frequency.  So, without any wires, one can connect there iPod to the car via the radio.  The quality is excellent, as well as the price tag.   This is one of the best iPod car docks around - and it's wireless. 


  • Has a smart scan feature.  The iTrip will scan all the FM frequencies and determines which one will give you the highest quality. 
  • Automatically adjusts signal strength for each specific frequency. 
  • Has a bright back-light display. 
  • Also has a second connector that will allow you to charge while playing your iPod.
  • Shuffle and playlist creation mode. 
  • EQ control. 

Griffin WindowSeat Windshield Mount for iPhone and iPod touch

Overview:  This iPod car dock is for those who don't want to spend a lot of money, or for those who already have a built in audio outlet in their car.  If you are one of those two people then this iPod car dock - although not a wireless car dock - is right for you.  It is easily mounted to the window with many adjustable components and can be made so it's barley noticeable when driving.  It comes with an audio cable which can be connected into your car's stereo system; also works if you have the wireless car connect iTrip as well. 


  • Silicon pad which is easily mounted to the window. 
  • Mounting bracket which securely holds the iPhone or iPod. 
  • Audio cable.
  • Can be swiveled in any direction. 
  • Adapter for windows which are steep or oddly shaped. 

XM SkyDock

Overview:  One of the coolest iPod connect to car docks.  The XM SkyDock allows you play XM radio, for free, from your car.  All that is needed is that you buy the XM radio app from the app store.  Then you mount the SkyDock, place the antenna on the windshield, and, voilla, you have a wireless car dock playing your favorite music at all times.  The price is high, but worth it for those long trips. 


  • LIve XM radio as long as your iPod or iPhone is connected to the car dock.
  • Free SkyDock app available from the app store.
  • Charges iPod or iPhone.
  • Set alerts and make playlists. 
  • Has a ticker which will allow you to keep watch of the stocks and sports teams. 
  • Buy songs you like directly from iTunes.
  • Parental controls for those kids who are just beginning to drive.


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