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iPhone and iPad Resources

Updated on June 28, 2010

We all love the iPhone,the iPad and the iPod. Let's just admit it. We love Apple.

For over a decade now Apple has given us new innovation and creativity like no other in technology. They allowed us to carry out favorite music in our fingertips; share that music with the people we care about; have a soundtrack for our lives.

Then came the iPod touch. It recreated what we thought a mp3 player could do. It had a touch screen that was so clean and concise that we didn't want to stop touching it. And it had apps and the app store. Thousands upon thousands of applications that we could download that would just further enhance our experience. There were apps for games, apps for business, apps for travels, apps - for well - everything. What's Apples slogan? Well there's probably an app to find that out.

Then there was the iPhone. It changed the entire landscape of mobile phones. Apps. Phone calls. messaging. Everything you could ever want in a phone. And then came the iPhone 3G and now 4G.

The point is all these great products are great not just because of what they bring, but because of the support cast they have with it. I'm talking about all the developers who are constantly reinventing and updating apps. Just check out the app store daily and you'll see something new. See below for a table of contents for all your application needs

There are also many different accessories there to make your iPhone, iPad or whatever, better. Go here for information about the best accessories.






Table of Contents

The Best and Worst Apps

Apple Accessories






iPhone Covers

We all drop things.  It's part of human nature - sort of.  iPhone covers are a great way to avoid any unnecessary damage to your iPhone.  And they give your iPhone it's own unique style and feel.

Here is a list of some of the best iPhone covers on the market:

Artwizz AZ406ZZ SeeJacket Crystal

Price: $24

Artwizz AZ406ZZ SeeJacket Crystal is polycarbonate case which has a built in screen which covers the front of your iPhone. It makes your iPhone look sleek and cool, and has a material which is built to withstand falls. And for the price, it's almost an obvious choice.


Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Holster

Price: $30 - $40

Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Holster is great if your into the holster fad. It offer great protection just with the case itself, but if you want full protection you can slide it in and face the screen into the holster, thus fully protecting your iPhone's screen.


Apple iPhone 3G Ultra Slim Pouch

Price: 29.99

This case is slim and made out of high quality leather. This greatly protects your iPhone as well as give you a sleek and cool look. Also the case comes in many unique colors, such as baby blue, green, magenta, and tan. This is one of the best cases for the iPhone without a doubt.


Belkin Sport Armband with FastFit

Price:  20 - 40 

This is one of the best iPhone cases for the athlete.  It works how the title sounds.  A sport armband is connected to you case and placed around your wrist.  This makes listening to music very convenient when running or doing other athletic activities.  The Belkin Sport Armband with FastFit also comes in many different colors and sizes.  Highly recommended. 


Agent 18 Eco iPhone Shield

Price:  15.00

This is one of the simplest and cheapest iPhone cases.  The main selling point of the Agent 18 Eco iPhone Shield is that it's made out of environmentally friendly material.  This means you won't have a guilty conscious - or as much as - when you're taking phone calls outside.  The material is also very strong and protective and comes in numerous different colors.  Even the products packaging is made out of environmentally sound material.


iSkin Revo2 for 3G iPhone -Diablo

Price:  40.00

A silicon case which protects your iPhone from everything - and I mean everything.  Dirt, dust and moisture, no problem,  The iSkin Revo2 also comes with two different ways to protect the screen and thus ensuring your iPhone's longevity.  It has a thin screen that goes in front of your iPhone's screen as well as a visor which can come down for further protection.  This duel-protection is a great benefit to have for situations when extreme durability is needed.



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