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Laptop External Hard Drive - Your Mobile Backup Solution

Updated on June 11, 2013
Hang your external hard drive on your laptop
Hang your external hard drive on your laptop | Source

Laptop external hard drive is normally used as an extra storage unit to keep more data and information. This unit allows you to keep or backup important information separately from the main internal hard drive of your laptop. It is extremely useful and frees you from worry of loss of any crucial data from the local hard disk. Hard disk is a very fragile and if it corrupts, you might lose all your information stored inside.

Many people find that the portable laptop external hard disk is very useful to have. Indeed anyone with a laptop will have at least one of this drives for fast backup or transferring data. Most of the latest external storage for notebooks are portable and operate with the USB feature; a plug and play function.

Since notebook hard drive does not consume much power, it normally does not require additional power other than the single USB connector that acts as both power supplier and data transmitter. If that does not work, some manufacturer supply the hard drive with a duo usb plugs for better power transmission. Besides, any computer with USB capability will recognize it as a storage device as soon as it is plugged into the USB port. Once connected, the drive can then be accessed just like a normal internal hard drive.

Laptop External Hard Drive
Laptop External Hard Drive

The design of such external hard drive is generally sleek and compact. Every manufacturer has its own design and custom feature but most likely will share the same concept. The compact design makes it easy to be carried in your pocket or anywhere that you want. It won’t take up a lot of extra space in your pocket or in your bag. Technical or geek people love to carry one with them all the time.

Portable hard drives have a very important role in the case of notebook computers. Besides being fragile, laptop gets stolen very easily, particular if you do not employ some security features to it, like locking it to your place. Anyway, with a backup drive, you are insured for any potential data and information losses.

Laptop External Hard Drive Picks

Western Digital Passport
Western Digital Passport

There are many notebook PC external hard disks available in the market today. With so many brands, you are provided with variables of design, colors and capacity. Here, I've figured out some which at my opinion to be the best models available in the market at the moment:-

Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 2.0: The Passport product range from Western Digital is one of the bestsellers in the market. It's motto are quality, durability and reliability and nevertheless, this drive has all that. With its sleek and compact design, the passport able to fit in your pocket or bag easily. Not to mention that it also comes with a black stylish pouch for storage and protection. With the capacity of 1 TB, you can expect to store as lots of photos, movies and music; it could be virtually unlimited. It works with just any OS such as Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7.

Iomega Prestige 1.5 TB:- The Prestige range of Iomega is well known among external hard disk users. Iomega Prestige 1.5 TB provides you with the quality and durability that you seek of. Iomega is one of the quality brand in the computing industry.With the huge capacity of 1.5 TB, you can still enjoy the fast data copying and transferring and thus, you won't find any lag when watching movies through it.

Seagate Free Agent Portable: - This is a marvelous drive with storage capacity of up to 1 TB. It has stylish look and easy to use features and it is definitely one of the most popular hard disk drives in the market. You can carry it easily anywhere you want. High downloading and uploading speed makes your work faster and easier.

Seagate 1 TB:- This 1 TB provides enough storage capacity with high speed of downloading and uploading. Providing with many more built-in facilities, this model has become the first choice for many users, especially for Seagate fans.

Let's Talk About Laptop External Hard Drives

How to Backup Data with External Hard Drive


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    7 years ago from USA

    It's a great device to share data between my laptop and desktop computer at office.


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