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Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights

Updated on October 18, 2009
Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights - The Acropolis
Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights - The Acropolis

Want More On Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights

Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights

Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights

Athens is smoggy, dirty and full of people, but this still fails to obscure the fact that you are walking into ancient history, the foundation of democracy and the start of it all for Western culture. When Athens Sightseeing Athens Sights it is often hot and dusty work but the rewards are worth it.


Athens is found to have been occupied since approximately 3000BC

Now has population of 3.5 million

The Acropolis or “city on the hill” was built by Ionians and is visible from almost anywhere in Athens; was the city centre of ancient Athens and is fortress-like to protect the inhabitants of the city

Pericles, the Athenian ruler in 440BC initiated the construction of the Parthenon at the Acropolis to be a temple to the gods with columns and friezes, this is the most recognised site on the Acropolis; there are 46 Doric columns

The Ancient Theatre of Dionysus was built of stone in 326BC and is located on the south slope; used for Greek tragedies and late by the Romans for gladiator contests

During the Persian War the Acropolis was sacked, but the Athenians saved many statues and buried them, these were only discovered 100 years ago and now in museum at top

Areios Pargos; the seat of justice and site of Supreme Court of ancient Athens, also the hill where Christianity met Paganism; walk up the slippery steps for view

Other things to do include great views from either Philoppapos or Mouseion hills

The NationalGardens with parks, Roman baths and aqueducts or AncientGreekArt Museum

The markets at Plaka and Monastiraki are good for gold, silver, linen and leather

Agora Markets and traditional buildings of Athens, Socrates and others apparently hung out around here

Lycabettus Hill (Lycavitous) is home to a monastery and can take Funicular to top Drs400

Amonia Square is the point from which all distances are measured

Athens was named Attica after Athena the goddess of Athens who provided wisdom for the city (Minerva in Latin)

Athens was once full of houses and gardens, but these were destroyed to provide high-density housing, now by-laws to preserve heritage

Temple of Zeus (Jupiter in Latin) has Corinthian columns

Panatheneic Stadium was the site of the first Modern Olympics in 1896; 185m (600ft) long, holds 60,000 spectators and is now used for concerts and school games

Presidential Palace; was the RoyalPalace until King Konstantine was disposed (1967); guards in traditional Greek dress, change every 1¼ hours; President sits for 5 year term

Syntagma Square good point for meeting and finding a cool place to have a frappe (greek iced coffee)

Eat the food, drink the ouzo and feel the city and history

My name is Robee Kann, for four years I was a tour guide throughout Europe. I loved my job and I would love to hear from you. You are most welcome to message me to say hello or request a hub about a European subject. Please look at my other hubs and leave a comment for me.

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