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Bio Of Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

Updated on October 18, 2009
Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia
Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia
Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia
Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

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Bio Of Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

Bio Of Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

356–323 BC

A charismatic and ruthless figure, Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia is one of the most renowned figures of the ancient world. His conquests made him a legend, but when he died, at age 32, without an obvious successor, his empire became subject to rivalry between his generals and began to collapse.

Alexander, a brilliant scholar, used his conquests to bring a new understanding of geography and natural science to the Mediterranean world. His years of foreign conquest also showed his remarkable grasp of political and military strategies. In over ten years of campaigning, he created an empire of two million square miles, stretching from Greece to the frontiers of India, and founded many cities. However, his early death meant that he was never able to implement his plans to weld his conquests into a permanent Greco-Persian empire.

Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia disseminated Greek culture throughout much of Europe and Asia, and began the exchange of ideas and trade over previously unreached areas. Both would later influence the rise of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity.

356 BC Born at Pella, the son of Philip II of Macedonia and Queen Olympias.

C.343–340 BC Tutored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

C.340 BC Gains his first military experience by defeating the Maedi people of Thrace in the Balkans.

338 BC Leads the cavalry of his father’s army to victory at the Battle of Chaeronea.

336 BC Ascends the throne after his father’s assassination.

336–335 BC Conquers much of Greece, securing it from invasion.

334–333 BC Inflicts defeats on the much larger armies of Darius III at the battles of Granicus and Issus in Asia Minor.

332 BC Captures the ports of Syria and Phoenicia. Reaches Egypt and founds the city of Alexandria.

331 BC Crosses northern Mesopotamia, defeats Darius III at the Battle of Gaugemala, and occupies Babylon before entering the Persian capital, Persepolis.

329 BC Marches into Afghanistan, founding Greek colonies. Reaches the eastern limit of the Persian Empire.

328 BC Crushes the Massagetai and their allies, and marries Roxana, the daughter of their king.

326 BC Advances into India, defeating a local ruler at the Battle of Hydaspes. Presses south, but his troops mutiny and he heads for home.

324 BC Reaches Susa in Persia. Attempting racial integration, marries the daughter of Darius III in a mass ceremony in which thousands of his troops wed Asian women.

JUNE 13, 323 BC Dies in Babylon after falling ill following a banquet.

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Alexander The Great King Of Macedonia

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    • profile image

      Nick the Greek 5 years ago

      Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic people...Go tell the Slavs of FYRoM!

    • profile image

      KJ 5 years ago

      Alexanders father, the Macedonian King Phillip conquered Greece. Macedonia was never Greek.