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Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods

Updated on October 18, 2009
Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods
Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods

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Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods

Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods

3500 yrs ago the Greeks created their world of gods. This ancient religion was devoid of dogma or sense of sin, the legendary adventures of its many divinities constituted Greek mythology which was based on the forces of nature and the fear which they inspired.

Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods  were used to explain nature of good and bad. Oldest divinities were the earth mother who mated with Uranus the sky to produce the Cyclops and the titans including Oceanus the personification of water and Kronos time, who mated with sister Rhea and gave birth to the 1st group of Olympian Gods. Father of gods Zeus lived on MountOlympus with 12 of the 20 major gods. Poseidon god of sea, Apollo the god of the sun, Aphrodite god of desire, Aries-war. Other lesser divinities: local gods, Egypt and Syrian gods, demi gods born of love affair with the greater gods, mere mortals and heroes who defied mere mortal.

When full of fear of the future people asked gods thru oracles and priestly assistants interpreted the messages from the gods.

When Alexander the Great met Persians met at MountOlympus.

In the oldest of Greek tales homer sings of the slope where gods ascended and descended.

It is said if cloudy then Zeus was angry.

Zeus had many sanctuaries in many Greek cities. The gods of MountOlympus lived until 4C when a dynamic + determined new religion, Christianity ensured closure of pagan sanctuaries.

The foot of Mount Olympus is called the Platamon, this is where there are many alters and temples to make offerings and sacrifices to Mount Olympus And The Greek Gods. The mountain itself is 2919 metres above sea level.

My name is Robee Kann, for four years I was a tour guide throughout Europe. I loved my job and I would love to hear from you. You are most welcome to message me to say hello or request a hub about a European subject. Please look at my other hubs and leave a comment for me.

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