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Greek Party Island Mykonos

Updated on October 18, 2009
Greek Party Island Mykonos
Greek Party Island Mykonos

Greek Party Island Mykonos

Greek PartyIslandMykonos

Population : 5,500

Area : 85 sq Km

In mythology the name derives from the grandson of Apollo, Mykonos, and it’s granite hills are supposedly the tombs of giants slain by Hercules.

After the victory over the Persians @ Marathon (490 BC) the island became a military port for Athenians.

Reclaimed from the pirate Barbarossa in 1537, who had claimed it for the Turks.

The island community was formed in 1615, and is internally governed.

The fight for Independence from the Turks (1796 - 1848) was led by women & children and commemorated in Manto Mavroyenous Sq.

1950’s saw development of tourism, the town having been twinned with St Moritz in 1948, and having allowed mixed nude bathing since the early thirties.

The confusing maze of narrow winding streets was designed to cut off strong coastal winds and confuse invaders.

There are 400 chapels on the island.

In the late 1950’s a young Pelican, wounded and separated from it’s flock settled on the island.  It caused quite a stir and was nursed & adopted by a local fisherman, Petros.  Easily tamed the bird became a familiar sight walking through the narrow streets.  People started considering ‘Petros the first’ as a good luck charm, and today he stands embalmed in a glass window with a small bronze sign with the words: “Petros, First King of Mykonos”.  Officials introduced more pelicans to succeed him in his honour !!

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