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Basic of Ice Skating and How to Learn It

Updated on March 9, 2011

Basic of ice Skating and how to learn it

Basic of ice Skating and how to learn it. Ice Skating is an awesome activity which you can do no matter what time of the year it is. Whether you choose to ski inside or outside it brings so much fun.

When learning the basic of Ice skating it is important to be patient, practice and wear the proper attire and the basic of balance pushing and gliding. You can proceed to enjoy it after learning what are the necessary equipment and safety precautions to consider. If you learn it at a very young age it is good too specially if you embark in skate sports later on like the famous hockey sports.

Do you know that ice skating can be used when walking -- just leisurely, sports activities and for travelling of course.

First be reminded to wear the proper attire and the ski skates, as you don’t like to go there and freeze and be uncomfortable.

Basic of ice Skating and how to learn it.

  • Proper attire includes hand gloves, neck warmer, comfortable warm jackets, pants, socks and additional shirts
  • You must have a comfortable ski shoes or skate shoes. Try walking and if it feels comfortable it means the skates is good
  • You must have a helmet too as it is dangerous crashing your head in the ice
  • And you need to have elbow pads and knee pads so that you can protect your knees and elbows
  • You can also secure crash pads, so that when you crash you can put it
  • Buy a wrist protector, a flex meter is highly recommended
  • You can bring somebody with you if you want or with a instructor
  • Patience is needed and constant practice
  • First you must learn how to balance and this is very important for you, you should also avoid being nervous and relax a bit if you can. Stop thinking too hard and take it lightly
  • Consider the ice as your friend and think that it will not hurt you, treat it as your best friend and you can be one with it and enjoy skating activity while thinking you are not in danger, trust it like your mother
  • Try walking or just gliding gliding after wearing the shoes as you will know if your ankle is well supported too. Be sure to get the feel of ice and the friction of the ice
  • Be sure to walk alone and it is preferred not to hold on anything although there is an equipment which you can buy “Easy Glide” to help you
  • It is advised or better if you practice bending forward not backward and hold your arms below your shoulder spreadly so that you avoid falling on your head
  • You can also hold on to the walls but try not to do it always
  • Try to lean on the weak side of your foot then learn how to push in a diagonal direction going outwards with the other foot as if you were pushing and moving forward
  • Always bring the right foot back in the next to the left and do it again
  • Then you can try to have long strokes after mastering this one.
  • Bend your knees as you move your body in each and every strokes.
  • When stopping, you should place one skates behind you like the toe is facing away from you and keep on dragging it behind you and stop.
  • Always practice skating with one foot only
  • Be patient always and then you will enjoy it more after sometime. It is a wonderful activity and trust yourself on this one, you are almost like flying and the awesome experience it brings gives you happiness.

Enjoy Ice skating!

Thanks for reading this hub - Basic of ice Skating and how to learn it.


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