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Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico Part IV

Updated on April 4, 2015

This is the last hub concerning the exclusive title "Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico".

  • The first part contains the cities and towns starting with the letters A to C.
  • The second part includes the ones starting with the letters D to J.
  • The third part includes from L to Q.
  • This is the fourth part and last which includes the cities and towns staring with the letters: R to Y.

Puerto Rico is a non-incorporated territory of the United States. Puerto Rico Does It Better is a campaign slogan used as a descriptive phrase about the magnificent wonders that the Island contains. The legacies from our Creator, indigenous people, and the conquerors to the details revealed in our history, are the producers of the offerings that enrich the fascinations of this piece of land in the world.

Puerto Rico's Main Roads

PR Main Roads
PR Main Roads | Source

Cities and towns in Puerto Rico staring with the letters: R to Y.

From North to South and from East to West you will find a road that guarantees an unforgettable traveling experience. I have been sharing each municipality's nickname and attraction translated to English. Enjoy the last municipals of the 78 that forms this remarkable island, which are:

Rincon, PR Coat of Arms
Rincon, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: Town of the Beautiful Sunsets, Town of the Surfing and The Surfers.


  1. Domes Beach
  2. Mary Beach
  3. Punta del Mar
  4. Higueras Point Lighthouse
  5. Desecheo Island National Wildlife Refuge
  6. Sun Garden

Rio Grande, PR Coat of Arms
Rio Grande, PR Coat of Arms

Rio Grande

Known as: City of The Yunque, and The Squatters.


  1. Caribbean National Forest, El Yunque
  2. The Green (recreational area)
  3. Spirit River Nature Reserve
  4. Elegant Hotels
  5. Golf Courses
  6. Coconut Beach
  7. The Picuas Beach

Square of Rio Grande

Square of Rio Grande, PR
Square of Rio Grande, PR | Source
Sabana Grande, PR Coat of Arms
Sabana Grande, PR Coat of Arms

Sabana Grande

Known as: Town of the Prodigies, Town of the Virgin of the Rosary of the Well, The City of the Petate, and Town of the Petate Makers.


  1. San Francisco Estate
  2. The Big House (Quilinchini Estate)
  3. Museum of Art, City Hall
  4. Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rosary of the Well
  5. Equality Lodge # 23
  6. Susúa State Forest
  7. Boat House
  8. Orlando Lopez Recreational Center
  9. Albino Estate

Salinas, PR Coat of Arms
Salinas, PR Coat of Arms
Salinas, PR:
Salinas, Puerto Rico

get directions


Known as: The Town of the Island Mojo.


  1. Olympic Center
  2. Aguirre Forest
  3. Former Central Aguirre Sugar Mill
  4. Camp Santiago
  5. Museum of Sports
  6. Puerto Rico International Speedway
  7. Pozuelo Beach
  8. Freshwater Well
  9. Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Preserve
  10. Monument to Veterans
  11. Rincon Bay
  12. Artisans Market
  13. Jagüeyes Forest

San German, PR Coat of Arms
San German, PR Coat of Arms

San Germán

Known as: City of the Hills, City of the Swallows, Founding City, Cradle of Puerto Rican Baseball, and Pilgrim City.


  1. Balls Bridge
  2. Morales House
  3. Liberty Tree Ceiba
  4. Historic Gallery
  5. Lola Rodriguez de Tio House
  6. Ramirez de Arellano and Rossell Museum
  7. Santo Domingo Plaza
  8. Three Races Mural
  9. Porta Coeli Church
  10. St. Germanus of Auxerre Church
  11. Kings Plaza
  12. San Sebastian Chapel
  13. San Germán Park
  14. Monument to St. Rose of Lima
  15. Bahr House
  16. Sun Theater
  17. Alfredo Ramirez Research Center Museum
  18. Former Train Station

San Juan, PR Coat of Arms
San Juan, PR Coat of Arms

The Old San Juan

Old San Juan Street
Old San Juan Street | Source
Ferry Station to Catano and Hato Rey
Ferry Station to Catano and Hato Rey | Source
Square | Source
Aduana at the Old San Juan
Aduana at the Old San Juan | Source
Ship in The San Juan Bay
Ship in The San Juan Bay | Source
Chapel of the Christ
Chapel of the Christ | Source
Pigeon Park
Pigeon Park | Source

San Juan

Known as: The Wall City, The Capital City, The Paved City, and Colonial City.


  1. Alejandro Tapia Theatre
  2. Botanical Garden
  3. Carnegie Library
  4. City Walls
  5. Condado Beach
  6. Condado Hotel Area
  7. Condado Lagoon
  8. Enrique Martí Coll Linear Park
  9. Escambrón Sports and Beach Complex
  10. Felisa Rincon de Gautier Museum
  11. Gabriela Mistral Complex
  12. Government Reception Center (Old Casino)
  13. Hiram Bithorn Stadium
  14. House of Spain
  15. House of The Book
  16. House Ramon Power y Giralt
  17. House Serrallés
  18. Historical Churches
  19. José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
  20. Luis Muñoz Rivera Park
  21. Natatorium
  22. National Gallery at the former Dominican Friars Convent''
  23. Ocean Park Beach
  24. Pablo Casals Museum
  25. Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum
  26. Pigeon Park
  27. Puerto Rican Culture Institute
  28. Puerto Rico Athenaeum
  29. Puerto Rico Convention Center
  30. Puerto Rico General Library and Archives
  31. Puerto Rico Olympics Committee
  32. Rebekah Colberg Sports Centre
  33. Ruth Hernández Cultural Center
  34. San Felipe del Morro Castle
  35. San Jose Theater
  36. San Juan Art and History
  37. San Juan Art League
  38. San Juan Central Park
  39. San Juan Gate
  40. San Juan Golf Academy and Driving Range
  41. San Juan Yacht Club
  42. Santa Catalina
  43. Santurce and Río Piedras Markets
  44. School of Visual Arts
  45. Sixto Escobar Ballpark
  46. St. Christopher Castle
  47. St. Jerome Fort
  48. St. John the Baptist and Remembrance Monuments
  49. St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi Cemetery
  50. The Americans Museum
  51. The Capitol
  52. The Former Arsenal The Puntilla
  53. The Former Ballajá Barracks
  54. The Princesa Jail
  55. The Princess Promenade
  56. The Two Brothers Bridge
  57. Third Millennium Park
  58. Town Squares
  59. University of Puerto Rico
  60. White House

Historical Wall of the Old San Juan

San Lorenzo, PR Coat of Arms
San Lorenzo, PR Coat of Arms

San Lorenzo

Known as: Town of the Samaritans and the Samaritan City.


  1. The Holy Peak
  2. San Carlos Cockfighting Ring
  3. Our Lady of Mercy church
  4. The Marina Bridge
  5. Quintana Ranch
  6. Priscilla Flores Theater

Avenue in San Lorenzo honoring the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne

San Lorenzo, PR Avenue Chayanne
San Lorenzo, PR Avenue Chayanne | Source
San Sebastian, PR
San Sebastian, PR

San Sebastian

Known as: San Sebastian del Pepino and The Hammock Town.


  1. Baldorioty Roman Square
  2. Camp Guajataca
  3. Central Silver Ruins
  4. Collazo Falls
  5. Doña Visa Residence
  6. Fred Benito Theater
  7. Guajataca Reserve
  8. Lake Guajataca
  9. Luis Rodríguez Cabrero Cultural Center
  10. Marketplace
  11. Mount the Hat
  12. Robles or Paradise Lost Falls
  13. Saint Sebastian the Martyr Parish
  14. Sculpture of a Heifer
  15. September 24 Promenade
  16. The Plantation Jibarito

Santa Isabel, PR
Santa Isabel, PR

Santa Isabel

Known as: Land of Champions and City of Colts.


  1. Aguirre Forest
  2. Boardwalk
  3. Indigenous Museum
  4. Jauca Beach
  5. Ruins of the Alomar Estate

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico Boardwalk

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico | Source
Toa Alta, PR
Toa Alta, PR

Toa Alta

Know as: Toa City, Cradle of Poets, and as the City of Josco.


  1. Egozcue Square
  2. Villa Tropical Recreational Center
  3. San Fernando Rey Parish
  4. Statue of Masso Rivera
  5. Masso Rivera City Theater
  6. Legendary Tree

Toa Baja, PR Coat of Arms
Toa Baja, PR Coat of Arms

Toa Baja

Known as: City of the Toa Valleys, Underwater City, and the People of the Plains.


  1. The Fort Canuelo
  2. Goats Island
  3. Sister Island
  4. Punta Salinas Public Beach
  5. Bacardi Rum Tourism Complex
  6. Costancia Central Sugar Mill
  7. Santa Elena Estate
  8. Palo Seco Thermoelectric Plant
  9. Candelaria Chapel
  10. The Little Train

Goat Island (Isla de Cabras) PR

Trujillo Alto, PR Coat of Arms
Trujillo Alto, PR Coat of Arms

Trujillo Alto

Known as: New Metropolis, City of Springs, City in the Country, City of Eight Streets, and Town of Leaners.


  1. Luis Munoz Rivera Foundation
  2. Carraizo Lake and Reservoir
  3. Lake Loiza
  4. Cave of Lourdes
  5. The Bicentenary Walkway
  6. Historic Steal Bridge
  7. Convent of Carmelitas of St. Joseph
  8. The Mountain Spring
  9. Family Park
  10. Gardens of the Castle
  11. Route of the Pork
  12. Town Square (Remodeled)

New Government Center of Trujillo Alto

Trujillo Alto, PR Mayor's House
Trujillo Alto, PR Mayor's House | Source
Utuado, PR Coat of Arms
Utuado, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: City of the Vivi, and The Highlanders.


  1. The Saltillo Falls
  2. Dos Bocas Lake
  3. Caonillas Lake
  4. Gallery Ivanet
  5. Roses Estate
  6. Monument to Utuado's Soldiers
  7. Dos Bocas Dam
  8. Rio Abajo Forest Preserve
  9. Taino Workshop
  10. Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park

Lake Caonillas in Utuado

Utuado, PR Lake Caonillas
Utuado, PR Lake Caonillas | Source
Vega Alta, PR Coat of Arms
Vega Alta, PR Coat of Arms

Vega Alta

Known as: Squatters Town, and The Planters.


  1. Swallows Cave
  2. Forest Reserve
  3. Public Beach Cerro Gordo
  4. Sugar Mill
  5. Monument Gilberto Concepcion

Vega Baja, PR Coat of Arms
Vega Baja, PR Coat of Arms

Vega Baja

Known as: City of Syrup, and the City of Orange Groves.


  1. Syrup, Syrup Artisans Center
  2. Orange Groves
  3. The Thirteen Recreational Area
  4. Tortuguero Recreational Complex
  5. Alonso House Museum of Art
  6. José F. Nater Square
  7. America Theater
  8. Phoenix Theater
  9. Puerto Nuevo Beach
  10. Vega Baja Nautical Club
  11. Jorge Otero Military Museum
  12. Donkey Caves
  13. Tortuguero Lagoon
  14. Our Lady of the Rosary Church
  15. Relief Sculpture of the History of Vega Baja
  16. The Trinitarian Park
  17. Man of the Cane Monument
  18. Monument to the Vega Baja Trio
  19. Migrant Square
  20. Vega Baja Sports Hall of Fame

Vieques, PR Coat of Arms
Vieques, PR Coat of Arms


Known as Little Girl Island and Isabel II.


  1. Bust of Simon Bolivar, Isabel II Square
  2. Fort Conde de Mirasol
  3. Ferro Point Archaeological Zone
  4. Hope Waterfront and Monument to Angel Rodriguez Cristobal
  5. Centennial Ceiba Tree
  6. Tombs of the Le Guillou Family
  7. Sun Bay Public Beach
  8. Caracas Beach
  9. Hope Beach
  10. Navio Beach
  11. White Beach
  12. Mosquito Bay - Bioluminescent Bay
  13. Mulas Lighthouse Point

Vieques (Little Girl Island) of Puerto Rico

Villalba, PR Coat of Arms
Villalba, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: City of Advances, City of Lakes, City of Cooperatives, and the City of Pigeon Peas.


  1. The Crown Peak
  2. Wonder Peak
  3. Doña Juana Waterfall
  4. Lake Guayabal
  5. Lake Toa Cows
  6. Black Bull Forest Preserve

Yabucoa, PR Coat of Arms
Yabucoa, PR Coat of Arms


Known as City of Sugar and Town of the Yucca.


  1. House of Culture
  2. Roig Central Sugar Mill
  3. Guayanes Beach
  4. Ruins of Santa Lucia Estate

Yauco PR Coat of Arms
Yauco PR Coat of Arms


Known as: The Coffee Town, Taino Capital and the Town of Corsicans.


  1. Agre House
  2. Cesari House
  3. Lake Luchetti
  4. Lake Las Vegas
  5. Ruins of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel
  6. Ideal Theater
  7. Tozza Castle

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

Visiting us is knowing that Puerto Rico does it better when you interact:

  1. Touring around the island
  2. Revealing Puerto Rico's history
  3. Admiring its landscaping
  4. Discovering its legends
  5. Kayaking into a glow in the dark bioluminescent bay
  6. Rappelling down limestone ravines
  7. Deep Sea Fishing
  8. Scuba diving the deepest depths of the Atlantic Ocean
  9. Sharing stories of its cities and towns
  10. Sunbathe taking in over 270 miles of beaches
  11. Swimming in subterranean rivers
  12. Horseback Riding
  13. Mountain Biking
  14. Zip-lining over a verdant canopy
  15. Shopping from artisans shops to big Malls
  16. Less but not least sunset and moonlight sailing cruise

Puerto Rico Does It Better!

I guess you have found out why we say that Puerto Rico Does It Better! Access our hubs on places to stay, restaurants and tourist attractions. Enjoy the natural wonders offered in Puerto Rico which it is one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean.

Blessings to all!

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill

San Juan, Puerto Rico's Capital

© 2013 Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill


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    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Ericdierker thanks to you for sharing your time.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      7 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A wonderful piece that I got lost in for a few pleasant moments, thank you


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