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Majestic facts about river thames

Updated on September 2, 2012

True facts about river thames

When in London, you should spare your time to go and walk by the river thames banks. The view is astonishing especially during the sunset; the subtle light reflection over the waters is simply stunning.

The river thames flow along the south of England while part of the lower river going through London central area.

The starting point of this magnificent river is in the area of Gloucestershire, the total length is 346 kilometer from Cotswold to the famous Oxford and eventually have its way to London.

In the past, in 12th century the river thames known to have been frozen for a while, however due to stronger current it has nowadays, the river is never been in that state ever again.

First facts about river thames that it is indeed one of the longest river that England proud of, the wider part of this river is within the area of tower bridge. Record shows that the widest part of the river from one side crossing to the other is around 870 feet long or around 270 meter, which is simply amazing.

The river is a perfect environment for the live of over 100 different types of fish. Make sure you go to the famous tower bridge, which has been opened for about one thousand times in each of every year, this is an event that you may want to see while enjoying the scenery of the river.

Stunning river thames facts

One of the main reason London is located where it is now because of the very existence of the river thames. This is another great river thames facts that you probably want to know.

As discussed earlier the river starting point is in Kemble, close to Cirencester in the Gloucestershire. There is about 7 meter difference between high and low tide at the London bridge.

The river is tend to be tidal from Tedington, there is almost no tidal seen from its starting point to Teddington extends for 236 kilometer.

From Teddington onward it has different rate of tidal. The further the stream goes to the sea the higher the speed of the flow will be.

It was recorded that Buscot area contribute to 800 million liter a day, Kingston 5700 million liter a day, and Reading 3600 million liter a day, what an impressive amount of water. The width of the river also get bigger further down to the sea.

Flood preventing river thames barrier

When you see the river thames barrier for the first time you will be impressed by the construction design. It is the biggest and transferable flood barrier in the world.

The width is 520 meter long crossing the river at Woolwich.

The barrier was constructed to protect London from any flooding threats for many years to come.

The four giant gates that forming the barrier are as a high as average tall building you normally find in big cities.

The width of individual bridge is about 60 meter long, and operated by hydraulic packs. The gates would be easily raised in case of any flooding threats.

Crossing river thames bridges

The long river thames bridges are built along its length. The record shows that there are 29 bridges cross over the tidal part, while there are about 75 bridges built crossing the non tidal part of the river.

As mentioned before, the Roman empire built the first bridge, the second bridge was built later in 1750, and the rest were following.

The river thames map


Brief history of river thames

Thames valley was first populated back, in the Ice age era. There were structures built on the river side over thousands of years ago and they are still standing strong as you can see today along with the unlimited flow of the river.

In the past, fishing, and farm products were the major trade commodities, the thames valley was the major trading site. The Roman Empire has later developed the site, constructed a port, and the London Bridge, as one of the oldest crossing river structure.

In the 1700, many traders from outside benefiting the the facility, they brought with them various items, from tea, sugar, timber, silk and iron ore. The trade practice is still happening in modern time

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