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What A Couple Should Show In Their Wedding Website

Updated on May 3, 2014

What A Couple Should Show In Their Wedding Website

Building Your Wedding Couple's Website

There is a new trend popping up in the world of weddings and that is now wedding couples are setting up their wedding couple's website. It's a very special website to tell all the important people about their upcoming wedding keeping them informed and to introduce all those people to their new found love.

There are a number of resources available in which a couple can use to set up their website. Some of the online tools available to build a website include Wordpress, Blogger, TheKnot, WeddingWire, MyWedding, WeddingWindow, EWedding, and WeddingMuseum. All these tools have templates or instructions to follow and are pretty easy to use.

Don't get intimidated or nervous about setting up your wedding website, they are user friendly. Before you begin, you should have decided on a wedding theme or color scheme so you can look for a layout that is appropriate. As you enter your wedding information, you should double check your spellings, to leave a good impression with your guests.

There are fifteen components a couple might include in their wedding couple's website, here goes what a couple might include inside of it!

1 - A Welcome Statement

You want the couple's wedding website to start off leaving a good first impression, a good way to to do that is start off with a welcome statement and a thank-you for visiting. Introduce yourselves as a much "in-love" couple. You might include an "in-love" photo and possibly include a short and sweetheart message denoting your love for each other. You can write a little love note to each other or denote your love using a lovely and romantic poem.

2 - The Wedding Couple's Story

You next might want to include in the website the wedding couple's story, the important people in your lives want to know all about the wedding couple. All your guests want to hear all about the couple about to get married. Think of this section as a slide show. Include a little about her growing up, from a baby, to a child through school and through her young adult life. Next include a little about him growing up from baby to young adult. Next include how the two of you met and how the two of you came together and then how did he/she propose. In this section you might include a number of pictures to help tell the story.

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3 - Wedding Itinerary & Activities

Next up, you want to tell all the important people all about your upcoming celebration. In this section you might be updating on occasion once the venues are officially booked. Include when and where the wedding ceremony will be taking place, include the name, address, date, time, and directions to the ceremony site. You also want to include the same with the wedding reception location and directions should include how to get from the ceremony site to the reception. Include any other wedding venues in which wedding events take place, including the rehearsal dinner site, day after wedding brunch, welcoming cocktail hours, and wedding week activities.

4 - Wedding Invitations & RSVP Information

Some couple's will use their wedding couple's website to show wedding invitation status. Some couple's choose to show wedding invitation status separate not using their website and some couple's show invitation status both ways, it's up to the wedding couple. In this section the wedding couple might keep track of save-the-date cards, wedding invitation invites, RSVPs received, other invites such as rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal shower events, and invitations to wedding week activities. Besides marking when invitations are sent and received back, include targeted dates when wedding invitations are expected to be sent and when RSVPs are due. It's a good idea to include a invitation contact name, phone number and email address. (The rule of thumb, make contact with invited guest if RSVPs aren't received by three days after the RSVPs are due, contact or call the guest to be sure they received their invitation, maybe they have moved, you also need to firm up your guest count for wedding venues and wedding vendors).

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5 - The Wedding Party Bio

You might want to include a little bio of your wedding party members, how you set up this section is totally up to the wedding couple. You could show pictures, but you don't have to. You might want to show the name of each person, their occupation or the school they are attending, maybe show their major, show how the two of you met either with the bride or groom or both, and include the role the person has at the wedding. It is optional to include the flower girl, the ring bearer, or their parents. It is also optional to include other wedding party member's in this section such as the bride's and groom's parents and other close family members that are participants in the wedding. This could include grandparent's, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, or very close friends.

6 - Hotel Accommodations

If you have out of town guests coming to your wedding, you should include a section devoted to them. It is recommended to book a block rooms to a primary nice hotel that is convenient to your wedding venues. You might show different accommodations. You might show a four or five star hotel, a hotel or motel that is a lot less expensive and maybe show a couple of bed & breakfasts that are nearby and provide a description about them. For your primary hotel, book a block of rooms and request a discount for those block of rooms. Often the wedding couple can get a discount for a bridal suite or even get the bridal suite for free if a booking threshold is met. Before booking a block of hotel rooms or a bridal suite, check out the rooms personally to be sure they will be acceptable for your wedding guests.

In this section, include the instructions on how to book the rooms for a discount, is the booking under the wedding couple's name or under a code provided to the couple. Show the name of the hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast, their address, their phone number, directions how to get their, their website address and include information such as taking a shuttle or train station to get to the hotel. Also include who to contact for an extended stay.You also might show what room numbers are staying in, allowing old friends to make contact or know the name tags to create for a welcoming cocktail event.

If you are having a big wedding, you might want to book additional hotels that are nearby and check into shuttle service between the hotels. You might encourage your old fashioned aunt and uncle to book one hotel and encourage your wild and crazy sorority sisters to book at another hotel. You don't want to leave wedding guests with a bad impression.

7 - The Wedding Couple's Guest Book

The wedding couple's website might include a guest book section. They might include an area so that guests can leave a congratulatory message and well wishes. Maybe guests can leave a story of an interaction with the bride, groom or with the wedding couple together. They also might include a little background on how they came to meet and know the wedding couple.

8 - Wedding Couple's Gift Registry - Details

In this section, include the stores that comprise the official wedding couple's gift registries. Include the names, addresses, phone numbers, website of the gift registry. Also include the main gift registry manager or associate who covers the registry for the wedding couple and their phone reach number. Include the name of the registry, how the registry works and how to access the registry. If wedding guests purchase an amount of gifts from a registry over a threshold, the wedding couple may receive a discount on gifts are get registry gifts for free. Some guests may also buy gift cards for the couple to a specific registry.

Some couple's might list what gifts are listed in their registry, this is optional to show in the wedding couple's website, it may require updates each week. It is recommended that wedding couples check in with their gift registry every Thursday or Friday during the month preceding their wedding to replace gifts in the same price range bought and to make sure gifts chosen in their registry are still available. Gifts in gift registries should be chosen at all different price ranges such as $10, $20, $40, $60, $100, and $400 levels, so guests find a gift in the price range they can afford.

Wedding couples should choose gift registries that are of their favorite store, one store should be a name brand store. If there are less than 150 wedding guests, choose 2 registries, more than 150 wedding guests choose 3 registries. A couple does not want to participate in too many gift registries or the chances of meeting a threshold in order for them to get a discount on a gift at that registry is greatly reduced.

9 - Wedding Music Interests

Maybe divide this section into two different components. Show what wedding musicians and/or disc jockeys on music songs they are playing for the wedding. One section might show what songs the wedding couple would like played for the wedding. A separate section include what bridal party and wedding guests songs they would like to hear played at the wedding.

Ideally wedding musicians and disc jockeys should attempt to play songs, 40% geared to songs for the wedding couple, 30% geared to bridal party members and wedding guest requests and the remaining 30% to the music choice of wedding musicians and disc jockeys.

Music played at weddings should be geared some music played for kids, some for the young generation, some played for the middle class generation, and some played for the older guests. Music for the older generation should be played earlier at the reception, older guests tend not to stay as long.

10 - Wedding Couple's Official Wedding Venues and Vendors

In this section it's a good idea to give recognition to all the wedding venues and vendors. Show all your official wedding vendors from the Bridal Shop, to the Caterer, to the Reception Venue, to the Florist, the Wedding Cake Baker, to the Wedding Photographer, to everyone involved in your wedding. Include for each vendor, the business name, the couple's contact name, the business address, the phone number, email address and website. If your wedding guests become impressed with your vendor they now have a contact. You help your vendors advertise to potential future customers.

11 - Wedding Couple's Wedding Gallery

In this section of the wedding couple's website create like a collage and include lots and lots of pictures and include a few comments. Show baby pictures, kid pictures, high school pictures, college pictures, pictures with bridal party members and wedding guests. Show action pictures that grab attention and pictures that will enthuse wedding guests that show some pictures of people that they know when they were younger, a picture they never saw before.

12 - Wedding Couple's Bridal Party Contacts

This section is used to contact bridal party members in the event they need to be notified of a wedding event. You might show the groomsmen on the left and bridesmaid on the right, or the bridesmaids on the top of the page and groomsmen at the bottom. Include the flower girl and ring bearer on this page too. Be sure to show the best man and maid of honor separately.

Some couples may use this section to create their wedding program. They may show the order and what readings and music selections there are for their wedding ceremony. They may show the schedule for the wedding weekend and show instructions and directions to venues as well as a list of participants.

13 - Frequently Asked Questions

In this section a wedding couple could include an information section about the wedding. This section may include special instructions such as babysitting services, where the nearest pharmacy is and a doctor's office is. This section could include places to see and things to do for out of town guests. It may make recommendations on what to wear or show the designer name brand of the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses or tuxedo information. You may use it to remind wedding guests to wear sunscreen or where to find bug spray protection. It could be used to remind guests not to shoot pictures the same time as photographers or eyes in wedding photos may be looking in different directions. This section could include information on special events or provide background information on musicians playing the wedding.

14 - Wedding Couple's Daily/Weekly Diary

This section is also optional. Some guests would enjoy following the bride or wedding couple as they plan their wedding. This section can be used for the couple to track their appointments and a reminder when things are due and a summary of wedding activities. For others it's a diary of the wedding planning process and it becomes a story on how the whole wedding came together. Years later it becomes a fascinating look back at the wedding event.

15 - Listing of Wedding Guests and Seating

This section is also optional. This section might show seating of all your wedding guests showing each guest's table number and their place setting. This section might be set up by table number or might be set up in alphabetical order last name. A couple might print out this page to be inserted for the back of the wedding couple's wedding album. This section could also be a reference for all who was in attendance for the wedding. It could be used for wedding guests to look up others at the wedding either old friends or for new found friends or the opportunity for a guest to find romance with someone they just met.

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