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Create A Breathtaking Wedding Centerpiece Using Tower Vases and Water Beads

Updated on May 20, 2014

Creating A Breathtaking Wedding Centerpiece Using Tower Vases and Water Beads

Create A Breathtaking Tower Vase Centerpiece

One of the newest trends starting to show up at weddings are tower vases filled up with colorful water beads. This effect really transforms your wedding reception space into a world of enchantment, a kind of fantasy world. The thing that's also great, the packets of water beads you start off with aren't really that expensive, they are a lot less expensive than if you filled the vases with colored marbles, colored aquarium gravel or colored stones. You can create the wedding centerpiece using one color or making it a little fancier creating a few tiers of colors.

There are five basic components in creating your beautiful wedding tower vase centerpieces. The first component is to consider the type of tower vase or vase you want to display at each reception table. The second component is securing your tower vase or vase to your reception table. The third component is how do you want to layer your water beads inside your tower vase. The fourth component, which is optional, is to add a little dazzle with adding light inside the tower vase which allows light to bounce off the water beads creating a mystifying effect. The fifth component is topping the wedding tower with a beautiful decoration.

There are a number of places in which you can purchase supplies to create these breathtaking wedding centerpiece beauties. Some of these supplies can be picked up from wedding florists, decorators, art & supply stores, craft stores, flea markets, and dollar stores. Some of these businesses will sell these supplies, but for the most part, you may have to order these supplies, there is a strong chance you may have a do it yourself project, but in the end you will create a wedding reception space of impeccable beauty, and your wedding guests will be really impressed.

You could ask a florist, decorator, or a friend to build these beautiful centerpieces for you. It might happen, you just might have them just found a new product line to help their business grow. The key is to practice creating this wedding reception centerpiece a couple of weeks before the wedding, so they create the best look and figure how much time they will need to put the centerpiece together.

Ordering the Tower Vases

The thing you need to consider, you don't want the bulk of the centerpiece to be head high. You want your wedding guests to see who they talk to at the reception tables, you either want a high tower vase, at least 24 inches high or a vase or centerpiece that's low on the table. For your guests to have a really good time, they should be able to see eye to eye when they talk to one another at the reception tables.

There are a number of types of tower vases to choose from. The most popular one is called the Eiffel tower vases. Other popular tower vases include martini tower vases, trumpet tower vases, pedestal tower vases, flared tower vases, lamp shade tower vases, and glass cylinder vases. Everyone of these tower vases can be filled with water beads to create a stunning look, choose the one you feel captures your attention, the most. Remember to order one tower base for each reception table and order two for the bridal party table and set them up on rectangle tables as bookends. Order an extra tower vase, just in case one has a defect or accidentally gets dropped. Most companies sell them in clear, white, and black. If you are planning to use a color scheme, pick up the clear tower vases and let the water beads create the color.

There are a number of online websites you can order your tower vases from, check a few different company websites out to find one with the best bulk pricing. Some of the best online websites that sell these products are uievents, save-on-crafts, wholesaleflowersandsupplies, koyalwholesale, shopwildthings, and abcglassware.

Glass Tower Vases for Wedding and Feather Centerpieces

Koyal Clear Eiffel Tower Vase 24 inch

Securing Tower Vases to Reception Tables

Some tower vases and vases will stand on their own and some can possibly topple if the reception table is bumped into, depending on the type of tower vase you are using, you might have to find a base to secure the tower vase. You can secure the tower vase using floral clay, epoxy glue, super glue or other types of glues found at hardware stores, flower hops, craft stores, or art & supply stores.

Some of the bases you might consider is using a nice round, square, or oval mirror. You can also secure the tower vases to glass bowls, ashtrays, pottery dishes or plates, a wooden block, or some type of wide small vase. Many of these bases can be found at dollar stores, department stores, home design stores such as Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, or try flower shops, greenhouses, or arts & supply stores. You might decorate around the base using an arrangement of flowers, plastic flowers, planted greenery, flower petals, wedding confetti, scatter tea candles, or various layers of Pillar candles.

DIY Water Beads for Home Décor/Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Water Beads

Water Beads For Your Tower Vases

Water beads start out as little hard pellets that comes in a bag or tube. They are made from a material called polymer. They were invented as a product to help plants survive better in a very arid climate, certain types of plants love this product which provides water to them when they get thirsty. They look like rubber marbles and captured the attention of some florists and decorators, they would really look great in wedding centerpieces, thus they eventually caught on and became part of the wedding decoration scene.

Water beads are found in a number of different colors, many companies that sell them offer them in about a dozen different colors. Some of the colors you can find them include purple, magenta, navy blue, blue, baby blue, lavender, turquoise, teal, green, lime, lime green, yellow, gold, citrine, orange, red, pink, white, black, and clear. You also may be able to create a color to match to your color scheme by using clear water beads and mix them with the color dyes you want.

To create the water beads, start out by pouring the little hard pellets that come in a bag or tube into a large bowl or plastic container and pour water on them, the amount of water you use should be on the bag, let the water beads stand in the bowl about 6 to 10 hours. Shake the bag around after about 3 or 4 hours to get a good distribution of water into the water beads. When they are ready, drain off any excess water that is left over, rinse and then place your water beads into the tower vase or vase you want to use for your wedding centerpiece.

For the brides who don't have the tower vases, many types of vases or bowls can be used as beautiful centerpieces. You can create a beautiful centerpiece by placing one pillar candle in a vase or bowl or by placing three different sized pillar candles in a vase or bowl. Then pour water beads around them which creates a beautiful effect. You can also decorate the area with color schemed flowers or add beautiful plants. You can pick up an inexpensive glass bowls or vases from dollar stores, craft stores, arts & supply stores, Target, or Walmart.

Some brides even like to add fragrant oils to the watery bead solution, soak the water beads overnight before your event, the Pillar candles will also help spread the pleasant aroma into the surrounding air. You might think to use the same water beads to decorate your reception areas or your entrance areas. You might display bowls, vases, martini glasses of colored water beads around your reception space to add a little sparkle to your reception, just be sure there are no young children who can mistakes the water beads as little candies. If they are mixed in a candy buffet, or ice sculpture area, mark the bowls and put a little light or candle in the bowl.

You can find water beads at some flower shops, flea markets, craft stores, and art & supply stores. Mostly though, you might be best to find them from online websites. Some of the more reputable websites online to find them include waterbeads, waterbeadsdesign, magicwaterbeads, rainbowwaterbeads, renowaterbeads, awesomewaterbeads, aqua-gels, and crystalwaterbeads.

Water beads also make a great wedding favor, kids and adults love to dip their hands in a tub or water beads, they love the feel of the water beads on their hands and can't resist playing with the beads. The water beads are great for plants. Another option for a wedding centerpiece is place water beads in a vase of bowl and place a decorative plant on top. Some recommended plants you might use include dragon plant, ivy, marble queen, spider plant, devil ivy, fern, peace lily, t1 plants, Chinese Evergreen, philodendron, pencil cactus, and bromeliads, there are dozens of others you can use, talk to a nursery to see what them recommend. After the wedding reception you can give these beautiful plant wedding centerpieces to special people to take home as a wedding favor.

Add Lighting Effects to the Tower Vases

You can create a little dazzle to your tower vases by adding a little light inside. There are a number of ways you can apply lighting, some of your options include Floralytes, Water Pearls. submersible lights, or submersible tea lights. On the bottom of your tower vase place a submersible light, add a layer of water beads, place another submersible light, then add another layer of water beads, continue this pattern until you get to the top.

Another option is to decorate the tower vases using fairy lights or Christmas lights intermixed with the water beads. Other options include pointing a floodlight onto the tower vase or put a flood light on top of the tower vase pointed toward the ceiling. The light shining onto the water beads creates a mystical effect as the water beads leave a little glow. Experiment with a few different looks to come up with a look you like best, but experiment a few weeks before the wedding so you are not in a rush to decide.

You can find submersible lights at some arts & craft stores, stores such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You can also find these types of light at Home Depot or Lowes. Online, some reputable websites for submersible lights include 100candles, save-on-crafts, lightsforalloccasions, and wholesaleflowersandsupplies.

LED Submersuble Lights with Polymer Water Beads

Decorating the Top of the Tower Vase

There are a number of ways you can decorate the top of your tower vase. One idea is to use floral foam and combine with a floral foam holder. The first option you can place colored ostrich feathers inside the floral foam, some angled 45 degrees below, some angled at 90 degrees, and some angled at 45 degrees above. You end up with a palm tree like effect that matched to your reception table's color scheme, your guest's will feel like they are in fantasy land.

Some reputable online websites in which you can purchase ostrich feathers include featherparadise, fancyfeathers, or feathercrazy. You should order around 20 to 21 feathers for each tower vase you use.

On top you can also decorate with color schemed flower arrangements or you can use artificial flowers or place a flower such as an orchid on top. You can decorate using pretty green plants, or place a bowl with water beads and plants on top, decorate using Chinese lanterns or top off with a bowl of water beads with a hurricane candle inside. Some brides will even top the vase with all the bridesmaids bouquets all to the color scheme of the wedding.

Using tower vases and water beads and adding a little lighting, your wedding guests will find the wedding reception space to be breathtaking beautiful and will think you have spent a fortune to create the look, in reality the decoration costs are a lot less than many wedding decoration spaces created for weddings.

How To Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Feather Centerpieces in Kentucky


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