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What is your next planned holiday/trip?

  1. ct92 profile image78
    ct92posted 5 years ago

    As the subject says^

    What is your next, already planned, holiday/trip?

  2. ct92 profile image78
    ct92posted 5 years ago

    Personally I have gone a bit travel crazy.
    End of january I will go to London
    End of february/march will be spend in Southern Spain and Morocco
    Language school in Berlin in april most likely
    London again in may
    France or croatia in the 3 week of july
    Ireland in the 4th week of july and the 1st week of august

    (And then, if I get enough money saved up for another trip, I have planned on going to Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand in june. We'll see)

    I am very "fortunate" that I have six months "off" before I start university in the summer, therefore I can make all these small trips work inbetween working and part-time studying.

  3. Boulism profile image80
    Boulismposted 4 years ago

    Los Angeles with my family.  Going to fly into Vegas, go see the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. And then drive to LA. So excited!

  4. brimancandy profile image81
    brimancandyposted 4 years ago

    I may only take a couple trips this summer.

    One will be to Cedar Point in Ohio, to ride their new "Gate Keeper" roller coaster. I have not been there in a few years, so, if I can afford it, I'm planning on doing that. More likely a weekday trip, as going on the weekends is too busy. Went on a Sunday once, and it wasn't bad.

    I also have one long distance trip I want to take, and that is to Provincetown, MA. I plan to go for Bear week in July. I heard it's a really great week to party there. I also heard that they have a camp ground that I might be able to stay at, because I can't afford a hotel. Might even crash in my car if I have to. But, I want to go there at least once in my life.

    Then maybe at the end of the year, I'll save up for a cruise. Probably someplace warm on the biggest damn boat I can find.

  5. tanveerbadyari profile image60
    tanveerbadyariposted 4 years ago

    I am planning to travel to ladakh this summer and trek to many places around nubra valley and zanaskar.