Where are the best places for a couple to visit for romantic 3 day stay in South

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    Kebennett1posted 8 years ago

    Where are the best places for a couple to visit for romantic 3 day stay in Southern California?

    About $300.00

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    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    I don't know of anywhere for 3 days for $300.  Unless you are going camping, which I am not into.  If you can spend more, anywhere along the California coast north of Santa Barbara.

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    bayareagreatthingposted 8 years ago

    Wow- $300 isn't much of a budget for So Cal.  Having said that- if you are not planning on camping-  what you might do is pick a hotel that is near Disneyland in Anaheim.  You can often find great deals in that area- some as low as $49 a night, some with continental breakfasts.

    You won't have a fantastic hotel, but those will run at least $100 a night if not more, anywhere worth staying in So Cal. If you stay in that area, You will be in a decent part of town with lots of other people- safer that way.  (There are some great areas in California and some pretty dicey ones).

    Then- you can go to free places like Dana Point Harbor.  They have a nice walking trail and sand area.  you can rent Kayaks to play in the harbor.  There is a marine life museum and a pirate ship at the end of the park.

    The next day- you can travel up PCH (this is Pacific Coast Highway 1) up to Malibu.  Might run into famous people on the beach or in one of the little bistros. Take a nice walk on the beach and watch the sun set over the ocean.

    The other option is to go south on I-5 to San Diego.  Visit Old Town for the day.  Great art shops and fantastic authentic Mexican food!  Not pricey either. 

    One other tip- there is a fantastic boutique hotel in Dana Point called the Blue Lantern.  The rooms can often go for upwards of $400- but- they run a lot of specials. They are right on the water perched on a cliff with amazing coastal views of the harbor.  The street is a dead end so there isn't any traffic noise.  The rooms are wonderful and have fireplaces...very romantic.  They have a delicious breakfast that comes with the price of the room and wine, cheese and other goodies in the early evening...all free.  They have beach bikes you can use to take a ride around Dana Harbor.  If you let them know it is a special event (like an anniversary) they will have a little welcome surprise in your room.

    Here is the website-
    They had a secret deal going last year- if you call up the day before and say "carpe diem"- they would give the room for half price that night.  So you may get the hotel in Anaheim and then spend one night there- that would keep you relative to your budget.

    Have a great trip- if you want more info let me know smile

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