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Is it ok for a blonde female tourist to swim in a Bikini in Egypt?

  1. stricktlydating profile image80
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    Is it ok for a blonde female tourist to swim in a Bikini in Egypt?

    Would it cause her trouble in public, for example at the seside ?

  2. CMHypno profile image95
    CMHypnoposted 8 years ago

    If you are in a tourist resort in the Red Sea or at a pool in a hotel used by tourists in Luxor or Cairo, you will be fine.

    If you are walking in a non-tourist area or busy town centre it is a good idea to wear longer trousers and cover your arms.

  3. LeonJane profile image88
    LeonJaneposted 8 years ago

    Being a blonde female will attract you a lot of attention in Egypt even from male hotel staff. So be careful and make sure you travel with a companion, a male companion/friend would be even better. Have your companion with you even if you are relaxing on the beach or beside a pool in your bikini.

    The attention you receive will be safe but annoying. With no disrespect to Egyptian men, they believe that if they harass 1000 female tourists for their "affections" and only 1 female responds then their harassment works and they will keep trying. It’s basically a population thing male vs female ratio and also religious beliefs that there is no sex before marriage and their women cover up. They see all western women as easy, even if you are not easy. So seeing a blonde woman in a bikini would be an ultimate pleasure for a male Egyptian.

    I had Egyptian male wait staff flirt heavily with my wife, and totally ignore me, at breakfast inside the Cairo Sheridan.

    Have fun but I would cover up if you were not at a busy beach or hotel/resort pool.

  4. Idugit profile image59
    Idugitposted 8 years ago

    Depends where she is, but if she sticks to the major tourist beaches, especially in places like Sharm-el-Shaikh, she should be fine.  Same applies to hotel swimming pools, especially the 4 and 5 star places which cater to lots of Europeans.
    I was in Sharm a couple of years ago and saw more than one bikini.  It is in the more the rural areas where the local people don't see so many foreigners and so might be offended (after all, it is their country).

    If you're planning to go there, have a great time - it's a wonderful country!

  5. tinakitty profile image60
    tinakittyposted 8 years ago

    It depends on where you go. You can always ask the hotel manager or try to find some info about the area. I myself am married to an egyptian and know that it can be offensive to muslims to show too much of yourself. But there are alot of christians in egypt also. Its not like some of the other countries that are all muslims.  My advice would be to just know the area that you are going to be swimming in because you will be a tourist in there country and probably don't want to offend anyone. But I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself anyway its a beautiful country.

  6. moataz123 profile image56
    moataz123posted 8 years ago

    It's ok as you are at tourism area and places of rich people,,,,but takecare when you go to islamic or christian places,,All egyptians not prefer bikini as they are one of midlle east culture,,,wish you good trip,,

  7. alfredfox profile image76
    alfredfoxposted 7 years ago

    Places like Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada make all of their money from tourists, their economy would not exist if it was not for tourists, so as far as I am concerned if the Egyptians want to attract people to these places then these people should wear what ever they want. It is the places that are not for tourists that people should cover themselves up in. Also my partner is a brunette and when it comes to hair colour an Egyptian man will try it on with you no matter what you look like.

  8. bilboburgler profile image70
    bilboburglerposted 6 years ago

    hotel pool and red sea only

    my answer is too short and yet it is perfect