Cyprus and China,promoting their cooperation in tourism

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    benothappyposted 8 years ago

    Cyprus, as Asia’s largest source country and Mediterranean tourist destination, China will strengthen cooperation with it in tourism.
    According to the file "People's Republic of China National Tourism Administration and the Republic of Cyprus Tourism Organization, Tourism Cooperation Agreement", signed by China and Cyprus, which promote cooperation in tourism, tourism exhibition, tourism education and training and many other fields. This file will no doubt be conductive to china tours.
    General Manager of the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region in Cyprus National Tourism Organization said in an interview with reporters, that Cyprus would like to introduce China to the cruise, island tour, honeymoon tours, family tours and other products. As the world's perfume and the birthplace of wine, Cyprus would like to see Chinese tourists visit the ever-increasing.
    At present, Chinese people go to Cyprus are mainly to learn English or to do business, tourism is an important industry in Cyprus. Cyprus is also the Europe's bridge to the world. In future, there’ll be more Cypriots travel to China.