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What are some good things to do in Spain?

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    bigdogacbposted 7 years ago

    What are some good things to do in Spain?

    I'm getting the chance to go there soon, but I don't know where I should go in Spain. What cities are the most interesting? I'm NOT looking to go to the beach, so don't include a city just because its on the coast.

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    Vid77posted 7 years ago
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    pueblomanposted 7 years ago

    Spain's a big place. If you come and stay with us in the Axarquia, Andalusia at:


    You can walk the sea cliffs, water sport, walk up Mt Maroma (2065 meters), eat Malaga mixed fried fish, eat paella, drink Sangria, join in the fiestas in the Moorish white villages, eat a three course meal with drinks for €7, listen to cante jondo, drink "Dama de la Vina" and "pasero" - sweet Malaga wines, enjoy the cafe life of Malaga city, enjoy the moorish magnificence of Granada, wonder at the great Mosque of Cordoba and eat the greatest tapas in a bar just round the corner, breakfast on "pan con tomate" dressed with the finest local "verdiales" olive oil, or stuff your face with chocolate con churros - chocolate you can stand your spoon in with long fresh-fried donuts to dunk in the drink, go to a summer fair and come away smelling of spun sugar and hand fried crisps, watch olives grapes almonds and lemons farmed and cared for as the Romans used to with donkeys and hand implements, try out your Spanish, go to a bull fight, spend an evening at the tanners bar on finger bay and eat stewed snails Spanish style washed down with cold beer. Take a train (clean, punctual, efficient) from Malaga to Seville - watch the tilers hand make Spanish tiles, eat more tapas, watch flamenco . . .and so on . .and so on . . .

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      aesta1posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I am looking forward to tapas and churros con chocolate. Thanks for thsee tips.

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    GGtimesharesposted 7 years ago

    There are numerous Tourist Attractions in Spain. You can visit the various National Parks, amusement parks, museums, cultural centers, exotic beaches and many more Tourist Attractions in Spain.

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    Raul GTposted 7 years ago

    Segovia is a very nice cultural city to visit. I went there in September two years ago,  and I liked it so much, the food and restaurants are also very good.

    You will find many japanese as they like cultural cities. Do not forget your camera if choose Segovia as your holiday destination.

    Another great option is Malaga, from where you not only have the beach, but close distances to the main white villages in Andalusia, Sierra Nevada, and many more other places to visit.