Whats been the most difficult adjustment you've had to make with your big move?

  1. Jeremey profile image59
    Jeremeyposted 7 years ago

    Whats been the most difficult adjustment you've had to make with your big move? How are handling it?

    I made a big move nearly 2 yrs ago and still feel as though I haven't fully adjusted.

  2. Roomie profile image56
    Roomieposted 7 years ago

    Hey Jeremey,

    I've been moving every few years for most of my life (with the exception of one six year pause.) I've made thirteen moves, four of which I would consider to be pretty big ones. So, though none of them are easy, I've got a couple tricks I use to make them less challenging.

    I would say the most difficult adjustment this time around would be that I know absolutely no one. Even with all of the preparations, you just can't make friends off the bat. So learning to spend my days more or less secluded has been difficult. I'm a bit of a social butterfly anyway, so this is a challenge.

    Instead of letting this hold me back though, I'm choosing to harness this experience and grow from it. I'm focusing on what I can do to meet new people, and finding a lot of neat local options to make that possible. I'm also learning to appreciate the time I have alone. I'm keeping small traditions we had in my family as well (in my case, buying the same kind of candle and the same kind of tea). Bringing something familiar into foreign territory can really help put you at ease.

    I think the biggest thing I'm trying to keep in mind is that this part of my life has the potential to be just as significant and rewarding as the part I'm moving on from. This new place may not be "home", but it will never be anything close to that if I keep wishing I was where I used to be.

    I hope you find peace where you're at.


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