Can i get VISA in Hong Kong?

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    mail2hkjainposted 7 years ago

    Can i get VISA in Hong Kong?

    I'm from India and i want to travel to china for business reason. I've applied for first time for Business VISA by submitting all the required documents including an invitation from a reputed chinese company.  But the embassy has rejected my visa on no reasons to mention. I don't have any criminal records nor i'm blacklisted. I'm a decent and young business man.
    Now i've applied for Tourist VISA. Will my visa be approved?
    Can I apply Chinese VISA from Hong Kong? If Yes! then to whom should i contact and how expensive will it be?
    Kindly help me out. I'm frustrated.
    Thank You.

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    Moxylposted 7 years ago

    Hi there, you can get Chinese visiting visa from Hong Kong. The price depends on the types of visa you're looking for (once vs multi-entries, 1-day pick up express service VS normal-speed visa arrangement). Many major hotels have a desk to help arranging visa going to China.
    For more details, please see

    Enjoy both Hong kong and China, and best of luck!