Do you prefer the wind or the rain ?

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  1. freecampingaussie profile image59
    freecampingaussieposted 7 years ago

    Do you prefer the wind or the rain ?

    We prefer it to rain rather than a windy day blowing everthing around.
    Which do you prefer ?
    Its nice laying in bed when its raining !
    It is windy here in WA & I keep having to chase things !

  2. sameerk profile image61
    sameerkposted 7 years ago

    Rain , I prefer rain becoz rain give us lot of things ...winds only destroy

  3. Merlin Fraser profile image75
    Merlin Fraserposted 7 years ago

    Has to be Wind !  You can't fly a kite in the rain !

  4. Sun Pen 50 profile image76
    Sun Pen 50posted 7 years ago

    Both are needed in appropriate levels.
    Too much of rain as well as too heavy winds bring many problems.
    I hate both... if too much... as both bring unimaginable misery.

  5. lex123 profile image70
    lex123posted 7 years ago

    We need both rain and wind. But both in excess bring damage to lives and things.

  6. Just Ask Susan profile image90
    Just Ask Susanposted 7 years ago

    I would have to say the rain..Sounds strange but there is something about a soft rainfall that is soothing to the ears. Thunderstorms and lightening are magnificent. I love to watch the sky when there is a big storm.

  7. craigb182 profile image60
    craigb182posted 7 years ago

    Wind definitely I hate being soaked in the rain!

  8. angeegirl profile image57
    angeegirlposted 7 years ago

    I prefer the rain. A nice rain shower can really clear up the air. There is nothing like the smell of the air just after a fresh rain. mmmmm.

  9. profile image0
    jasper420posted 7 years ago

    depends on what the envoirement needs i love realy voilent storms

  10. rotl profile image61
    rotlposted 7 years ago

    Wind... as long as it won't blow your house away. Rain is depressing.

  11. royalbert profile image56
    royalbertposted 7 years ago

    I would prefer the wind in the rain and if it is cold that would be great.

  12. shahadat73 profile image33
    shahadat73posted 7 years ago

    Wind definitely... however sometimes I prefer rain. It depends on my mood.

  13. rachellrobinson profile image81
    rachellrobinsonposted 7 years ago

    I prefer the rain, I love the way it smells, sounds, etc. I actually tend to be more relaxed and happy, when it's raining.

  14. DellNixon profile image66
    DellNixonposted 7 years ago

    I prefer wind to rain because the tree at my window becomes more lively during wind & I enjoy it a lot.

  15. meteoboy profile image67
    meteoboyposted 7 years ago

    Walking in the rain is pretty good..........

  16. home witch profile image80
    home witchposted 7 years ago

    I love the rain. There's nothing like being indoors watching the lightening and listening to the thunder boom.


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