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There is a paradise on planet earth?

  1. Paul Berod profile image69
    Paul Berodposted 7 years ago

    There is a paradise on planet earth?

    Is there a place on planet earth where one can live in peace? Where are all friends, no envy or malice. Where there is no violence whatsoever. Where all have their rights respected. Where there is hunger or lack of care or lack of employment. Where all have the same rights to education. And where is always sunny and enchanting beauty.


  2. AngelaPereira profile image69
    AngelaPereiraposted 7 years ago

    I'm not aware of any place like that but i wish there was one because it would be a dream. Anyone would love to live in such a place and I'm no exception. Let me know if there is one out there :-)

  3. Jangaplanet profile image78
    Jangaplanetposted 7 years ago

    There is no such place on earth ! Until the human race has a monetary system aka (money system) there will never be peace on the planet. The system makes individuals sin against each other. Even when you mean well towards your fellow man ,we are all stuck surviving and so we cheat, fight, scam ,in some way or another. Now even if you say you never have cheated anyone , and your a good person (wich in a sense the whole human race is if it were not for the money system). Lets say you end up losing your job and can't find any other job , and you have children, how will you feed them? For the love of your children you might steal just to feed them. And in your heart you did it for love. But in this system you have sinned .Get the point. So there cannot be peace on the planet ever. What we need is not a money system but a resource based system instead. Hard to accomplish but possible, but not until humans learn hot to take personal responsability, until then we are under rules...

  4. Paul Berod profile image69
    Paul Berodposted 7 years ago

    Dear Jangaplant,

    your point of view is correct. All the bad things happen because the money system. But I can dream with the day when we find the paradise. Maybe we need go back in time and live in a more direct relationship with the land.

    Dear AngelaPereira,

    You are portuguese?
    I believe that if we try to find we wiil find the paradise.



  5. Angel709 profile image60
    Angel709posted 7 years ago

    It may not be called a 'paradise', but I have heard of communities that act incredibly civilized and share their resources among themselves. All of the things you listed are part of this community as they take responsibility for each other. Of course they usually are small by comparison, and they don't 'advertise' for good reason. I hope to find the closest thing to it, start one of my own, or eventually live 'at a distance'. I simply don't like the world drama, and I'm working on reducing my life down to simplicity. And yes, I have kids.

    The second option is not to look for this place outwardly, but inwardly. It begins with me. It begins with you. Many organizations believe in a peace that starts from within and we should find those who believe as we do and unite for what want to see in the world. I'm not talking wishy, mishy--my circumstances for the past two years would've made some go on a rampage of violence or depression.  I believe--and so provision always comes. I choose peace and that is where I live despite what goes on around me.

    Thirdly, Yes, the world is still very lop-sided in granting rights for all people; but for many, we've seen more opportunity than ever to start our own business, barter, access the world via Internet, giving us tons of self-teaching opportunity, etc.  Let us take back our rights and privileges and start working for ourselves, among ourselves, instead of idle hopes that we'll someday have a fair government.  There are far more common citizens than there is government.  If we ban together EVERY time they do something ill, we hit them where it hurts--the Cash.  I don't think we know the power that we have.  We are allowing media to feed us only the drama, we are allowing the food and gas prices to go up.  We have bought into the system and never consider going without for a few days or weeks in order to get their attention.  But being angry while standing at the gas pump, or fearful watching the news while drinking your favorite beverage won't make it happen. If we want paradise, let us build it. And deal with anti-paradisers accordingly.

  6. jimmyp profile image58
    jimmypposted 7 years ago

    yeah its called a graveyard. if you would like to contact me by return i would be more than happy to direct you to your local site.

  7. Les Trois Chenes profile image90
    Les Trois Chenesposted 7 years ago

    I love the question and wish I had the answer, then I'd start planning on how to get there.From time to time I ask people who are well travelled where the ideal place to live is, but there's always a catch - nice and sunny, lots rain - no education. Sun, rain, education, good health system but at war etc etc. I'll just try to hang on here in France.

  8. Mrs asif profile image58
    Mrs asifposted 7 years ago

    I think Its everyone responsibility to participate little or more to make earth a better place like heaven.Even minor efforts like throwing litter in trash ,not stealing anything,not making neighbors irritated by high volume music,not pulling each others leg,helping others,not fighting with each other,not doing any crime,sharing the successful experiences related to your job options so that other can achieve employment following your way,funding the charities to help poor,teaching your children good things so that they gives a better future  and increasing you patience level are some easy strategies you can do daily.Remember good deeds in a pinch of quantity by all of us is enough to make the paradise on our planet.