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Is there a country you've traveled to in Europe, to which you'd like to make a r

  1. Ken R. Abell profile image82
    Ken R. Abellposted 7 years ago

    Is there a country you've traveled to in Europe, to which you'd like to make a return visit?

  2. Jethro1 profile image61
    Jethro1posted 7 years ago

    Personally there are several countries I'd like to revisit, Italy for one and Germany (particularly Berlin)

  3. lex123 profile image69
    lex123posted 7 years ago

    I have traveled to England and Wales. I would like to revisit both of them.

  4. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    There are so many countries, especially in Europe, that people would love to revisit. However, France marks a place in my heart. As that is a female area, I suggest Germany. I only spent 6 hours there and would love to visit again.

  5. Cameron Dean profile image56
    Cameron Deanposted 7 years ago

    One? I’d like to return to many. France, I love the pastries or Italy mainly Venice so intriguing, and Greece: Santorini and Athens, talk about a party atmosphere and that sea.

  6. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    I found Greece, particularly Athens, to be of great interest while I was traveling in the military.  The food there is very good as are the wines.  The price is also quite affordable.  On top of that it is a beautiful area of the world which is rich in the history of the Roman culture and architecture.  I would enjoy going there again. WB

  7. MazioCreate profile image72
    MazioCreateposted 7 years ago

    I love France!  The food, wine, people, museums, scenery and cycling says it all about France.  My visits to France are always too short, but not for the waist line.  If I'm cycling the waist line is a not an issue, but the good times fall over each other when you are in France.

  8. itsameanoldscene profile image60
    itsameanoldsceneposted 7 years ago

    I spent 20 years in Europe & the one place I would definately go back to is a small town in the French Alps called Megeve, A beautiful picture postcard setting be it in summer or winter, in a valley surrounded by three mountain peaks with Mont Blanc visible on a clear day, for me the views could not get any better.

  9. GPSWorldTraveler profile image75
    GPSWorldTravelerposted 7 years ago

    Scotland, even though technically it is not part of Europe... because of the amazing energy,history, people, ale and whiskey smile  France just cause - love the food, sites and people - what else can I say.  It is the best.

  10. Greensleeves Hubs profile image96
    Greensleeves Hubsposted 7 years ago

    Italy - I visited there as a kid, but need to go back to take photos of Venice, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Rome, Pompei and Vesuvius, etc etc etc

  11. Eric Prado profile image74
    Eric Pradoposted 7 years ago

    I would go back to Italy. It is SO amazingly beautiful and the food is out of this world. smile

  12. kcreery profile image61
    kcreeryposted 7 years ago

    I'd like to visit the beaches of Montenegro again.  We stayed in Croatia and the majority of the beaches are rocky there.  The sandy beaches of Montenegro looked very inviting.

  13. carolp profile image79
    carolpposted 7 years ago

    I love France. My favorite is Paris, have been there many times. South France have nice cities to visit and beautiful beaches.

  14. Aley Martin profile image78
    Aley Martinposted 7 years ago

    The most beautiful and cleanest country in the world! Switzerland!

  15. Selena Mini profile image60
    Selena Miniposted 5 years ago

    Travel and Tour | Says: I've seen lots of location but not Europe yet, but now I'm planning to visit and wan to spend summer vacations there. Please tell me which country is better to visit??