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Do you think it is a good idea to celebrate Christmas in Dubai?

  1. mydubaistay profile image59
    mydubaistayposted 6 years ago

    Do you think it is a good idea to celebrate Christmas in Dubai?

    As in Christmas without Snow on a warm sunny beach and that too in a country where Christians are in minority.

  2. Raul GT profile image71
    Raul GTposted 6 years ago

    For me at least it is a good idea being in a country with a warm sunny beach in winter...however maybe the feeling of Christmas would not be the same, but just because Im used to the cold during that season...I know of people who use to celebrate Christmas in Cuba every year, and for them it would not be the same to stay and celebrate it here.

    Being used to something does not mean the opposite is not a good idea, so finally I would say to go on and try it at least once.

  3. Helena Ricketts profile image97
    Helena Rickettsposted 6 years ago

    I don't see why not as long as you are respectful of other's beliefs.  Don't try to shove Christmas down someone else's throat and I would think it should be OK.  I understand that Dubai has become quite the tourist destination over the years so I would imagine they expect Christians to visit just like any other religion and bring their holidays and beliefs with them.

  4. FloraBreenRobison profile image58
    FloraBreenRobisonposted 6 years ago

    I cannot speak of the number of Christians in Dubai, but as to the weather, remember that  the entire Southern hemisphere has Christmas during the summer-their seasons are the opposite to the northern hemisphere. There is no such thing as a White Christmas in Australia.

  5. Ania L profile image84
    Ania Lposted 6 years ago

    It's a bit unusual but it's up to you how you make it smile
    I have celebrated it there once when I was living in Dubai - we had all the food we could cook, presents and the Christmas tree smile
    The only difference was that after the dinner we put our Santa hats on our heads and went out for a walk in T-shirts enjoying the warm evening smile

  6. arksys profile image92
    arksysposted 6 years ago

    being a minority doesn't matter ... it's your religious belief that you are celebrating. I agree with helena when she says, "don't shove it down their throat and you'll be fine."

    I've lived in zambia where christians were the majority and only a handful of muslims but we celebrated our Eid every year, never had a problem.

  7. whoisbid profile image75
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Dubai is an international city with people from all over the world. I don't see that anyone is going to have a problem practicing their religion or celebrating their festival days as long as you don't cause any trouble