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Have you been to Armenia? Which city / place did you like most and why?

  1. arthsabi profile image59
    arthsabiposted 6 years ago

    Have you been to Armenia? Which city / place did you like most and why?

  2. breezy0311 profile image53
    breezy0311posted 6 years ago

    We lived  and worked there but it was almost 20 years ago, I guess it very different now as it was just after the earthquake and they were at war with their nieghbors.

    It was quite hard having come from the UK with all the everyday things that we take for granted.  We had electric cuts all the time and only had water for a couple of hours a day.

    This is where I actually learnt to cook from scratch as there were readymade meals like we had in the UK.  The area that we lived in no English was spoken but as you do, we manage to by. 

    My favourite place was Yerevan as it is steeped in history, I remember a place called artists corner and we bought many painting there. 

    We had many trips to lke sevan that was a lovely place.

  3. Ahnoosh profile image79
    Ahnooshposted 6 years ago

    I was there, but many years ago before its independence.  I loved the area around Etchmiadzin.  The whole country was beautiful.  I loved the feeling of stepping off the plane and feeling like I was home.  The people are truly wonderful.

  4. Shushanik profile image92
    Shushanikposted 5 years ago

    I visited Armenia several times. It has a lot of beautiful places. One of my favorites is Geghard - ancient monastery. It is located in a very beautiful place and smells history. Very impressive.

    Also I like Jermuk, it has very beautiful nature, a lot of great hiking and hot springs for spa lovers.

    In general Amenia has a lot of interesting places for all tastes. The nature is just amazing - it has whatever you like, from lakes, mountains, waterfalls and canyons to skiing resorts. Not to mention ancient churches and monasteries (one of the oldest in the world, as Armenia was the first country to officially adopt Christianity).