How does one go about living in a foreign country like France? What should some

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    doradoposted 5 years ago

    How does one go about living in a foreign country like France?  What should someone plan for?

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    GoodLadyposted 5 years ago

    Primarily you need to realize that you will always be a foreigner, that you will never be 'one of them', though you could be accepted over a long period of time.
    If you accept this then:
    A good idea would be to rent a property for six months/one year in the area you think you might want to live one day.
    You need to learn the language before you go and when you arrive you need to really learn it properly.
    There will be rules and regulations regarding renting and buying properties so you need to search for an agent that you trust.
    Your embassy and the embassy of the country you want to live in will tell you what documents you need to bring with you and what documents you will need to live or stay in your new country.  (Outside of England countries hound you with the need for many many documents - bureaucracies are the bain of any person's life).
    You need to work out your finances, how much a car will cost to run (in both countries for a while etc), how much two properties will cost for a while, how much travel fares will cost during your trial period (which you might have to right off in the end).
    Once you have done all of the above and you find yourself in your new accommodations then you start living as you did where you lived before, procuring food, taking exercise, taking care of yourself, your garden, your finances, your hobbies.
    You always bring yourself with you!

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    Lizam1posted 5 years ago

    Probably a good idea to visit the country for an extended period of time before completely moving there.  Then ensure you will be alllowed to live permanently and are able to work/open a business.  As an immigrant to Canada I often feel stateless - I love both this country and the UK mostly becuase of the friends I have made in both places.  If you do not speak the language then isolation can become a problem.  Read many books by people who have written about making a move and living somehwere else from all persepctives, the good, the bad amd the ugly.  Save enough to pay for at least one return air fare for an emergency/special ocassion or other reason that may come up.