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Which mode of transport do you prefer travelling by and why?

  1. Seckin Esen profile image92
    Seckin Esenposted 4 years ago

    Which mode of transport do you prefer travelling by and why?

  2. Alphadogg16 profile image90
    Alphadogg16posted 4 years ago

    That all depends on the length/distance of where I'm going. If I can get there in a couple of hours or less, than I don't mind driving there. If it takes 10 or 15 hours to get there driving, I'm definitely going to fly.

  3. SEXYLADYDEE profile image71
    SEXYLADYDEEposted 4 years ago

    I agree that it all depends on the distance. When traveling around North America we love to drive. We put in 2700 miles last year from New York to Charlotte NC, then to Atlanta GA then across to Kingsland GA, north to Myrtle Beach SC and then back to NY. It was in a little less than two weeks. Now in October I flew to Ghana West Africa and 11 hours on a plane with the chair in front of you pushed back into your lap is murder.  But as miserable as I was it was great to be there when I finally landed. And as I think about it the ability to be on the beach in Jamaica by noon from NY is AWESOME! Dee

  4. thumbi7 profile image64
    thumbi7posted 4 years ago

    I love flying; because it is faster. For example if I have to go to Delhi from Kerala I have to be in train for almost three days where as by flight I can get there much faster.