What's public transit like in Miami, FL?

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    Sheena Chiaposted 3 years ago

    What's public transit like in Miami, FL?

    I want to travel to Miami later this year, but I won't be driving. I'll be taking a flight into the city and hope to use public transportation, but I'm not familiar with the city and it's transit system. I plan to stay in the Miami Beach area, but would also like to explore other destinations in Miami. How easy/hard is it to use public transportation in Miami, and how much money should I prepare for this alone?

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    TravelGeekeryposted 3 years ago


    Hello Sheena!

    It's quite easy in Miami:

    From the airport: Get a shuttle bus or a public bus. Just ask anybody on the airport, they're very helpful. You can also take a taxi, but that costs around 50USD. The shuttle is around 20USD and the public bus even less but it's slightly more difficult to find.

    Miami beach - South Beach: There are easy buses. They only cost a quarter. It's good to have the small coins with you, because they don't give any change back. The buses go up and down from both directions, it's very easy.

    From Miami beach to the city (Miami, Little Havana, Venice pool etc.): You'll get to the city (across the bridge) by a bus and then if you need to go to the further areas, you need to find other buses. But don't be shy and ask locals and bus drivers, people are helpful! Oh and the buses are cheap, it's always only a few dollars.

    In the Miami city, there's also a self-driven train that runs like 10 meters above the ground, it's really cool! And it's for free and there's wifi! Below is a photo smile It'll get you only around Miami city centre, but it's worth taking a ride.

    Enjoy Miami!

    Veronika, TravelGeekery