Do you have Irish heritage? Would you like to visit Ireland?

  1. yecall profile image69
    yecallposted 18 months ago

    Do you have Irish heritage?  Would you like to visit Ireland?

  2. StaceytheWanderer profile image75
    StaceytheWandererposted 18 months ago

    I have roots to Kerry county in Ireland.
    I very much want to vacation there. I once had a layover in Dublin for 12 hours. I loved it... Summer in the 60's, the greenest scenery I've ever seen, and the taxi drivers are hilarious.
    My uncle once decided on a whim to take a trip there by himself. He rented a car and drove the coastal line for over a week. He mostly visited pubs meeting new people. He loved it.
    If you ever get the chance to travel, take it.