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what do think saudia arabia is ?

  1. bndrali profile image52
    bndraliposted 7 years ago

    Religion: Islam.
    Language: Arabic (official).
    Education: Literacy--total 78.8% (male 84.7%, female 70.8%).
    Health: Infant mortality rate (2008 est.)--12.01 deaths/1,000 live births. Life expectancy--male 74 years, female 78 years
    THE KINDOM is the largest Arab country of the Middle East
    It has an estimated population of 28 million, and its size is approximately 2,149,690 square kilometres (830,000 sq mi).
    The Kingdom is sometimes called "The Land of the Two Holy Mosques" in reference to makkah and madenah
    its famous of oil and desert . the kingdom became a modern country it has more than 20 univirsties .
    if you think about visitting the kingdom i am sure you will find a good pepole an places
    i will be happy to answer any quistion

    1. sabrebIade profile image47
      sabrebIadeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Okay, since Saudi Arabia is one of the richest areas on the Earth, how expensive would it be to stay in say Dubai for a couple of nights?
      I know it's a pain, but if you could give me a rough estimate in US dollars that would be great.
      I'm really curious since the country has so much money, what the cost of living is there.

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      Deborah Sextonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      2000 Census says there is 281,421,906 people in United
      Language: English (official).

  2. Bill Miller profile image56
    Bill Millerposted 7 years ago

    Does the Kingdom have a KFC?

    I do love a bucket O chicken, Original not crispy.

  3. bndrali profile image52
    bndraliposted 7 years ago

    we have all kind of fast food

  4. CMHypno profile image96
    CMHypnoposted 7 years ago

    As a single woman, I'll pass on the visit to Saudi thanks.  I can think of more relaxing places to go on holiday!

    1. LeanMan profile image88
      LeanManposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      No problem, you will not be allowed in unless you bring your father, your brother or your husband......

  5. LeanMan profile image88
    LeanManposted 7 years ago

    Hi Bndrali,

    How would you describe the driving in the cities of KSA??

  6. LeanMan profile image88
    LeanManposted 7 years ago

    Could you recommend a good cinema??

  7. Ron Montgomery profile image61
    Ron Montgomeryposted 7 years ago

    What kind of beer do you folks drink?  Is there a Saudi version of Budweiser, or are you more of a micro-brew country?

    1. LeanMan profile image88
      LeanManposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      There is a saudi version of all of our beers... NAB ... Non-Alcoholic-Beer...

      However, just take off the cap, add about 5-6 teaspoons of sugar, the beer still contains a little yeast, but just in case add one grain of ordinary bakers yeast, leave bottle to stand for 3-4 weeks in a warm room (easy in saudi) with lid loosely placed on top then place back in fridge to drink at your leisure...

      Saudi's also will sit in their cars for 6-8 hours on a wed afternoon to go over the bridge into Bahrain, not sure why, It can't be the thousands of prostitutes that sit in the bars where they can sit and drink till the early hours of the morning, I am sure that they only go to visit family and to enjoy prayers in the mosques in Bahrain!

  8. LeanMan profile image88
    LeanManposted 7 years ago

    Oh, I should mention the visa process... It's a pain in the ass, takes a long time and they make it as difficult as possible..

    When I last took my visa to their embassy in the UK (the third time for a visa) I was informed that they had changed their process and I had to apply through an agency, of which there was a list to use on their website, could he just give me the list.."no", why did they not say the process has changed on the website? "i Dont know", I informed him that I was now going to miss my flight as they had just effectively added an extra week to the time to get the visa to which I was informed "GOOD, We don't want you foreign scum in our country...."  Needless to say I was manhandled from the building by security when I reacted to this comment!!!!

    I brought my wife to join me here, I applied for the visa here in saudi, I supplied all of the required paperwork with all of the required stamps, but the official still refused and suggested that the only way I could get the approval was to pay the equivalent of over a $1000 before he would issue it!!!!

    Leaving the country is fun also... I have a few stories but I dare not share them in this forum as I still live here!!!!!

  9. wesleycox profile image82
    wesleycoxposted 7 years ago

    I think Saudia Arabia is a country in the middle east that is rich in oil. 

    I could be wrong though.

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    khmohsinposted 7 years ago

    I love saudi arabia and wish to visit it.
    Saudi arabia according to me is well civilized place with rich sources.