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I am a freelance writer; I do love writing articles.

Writing has been one of my hobby since when I was young. My career of writing for companies employing a freelance writer like Hubpages has helped me in developing my freelance writing ambition. My interest include reviewing consumer products and writing how to guides.

You can contact me through this email address pharmibrahimguides@gmail.com

I blog at www.windowsradar.com

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      • Someone Please Help

        Someone Please Help

        3 years ago

        I want to block some adds from displaying in my hub but when I read hubpages FAQ I got this:  "If you have the Ad Program enabled, blocking the ad in your Google AdSense account will take effect in the 1...

      • Hubpages earnings

        Hubpages earnings

        3 years ago

        I earned 0.13, 0.10, 0.09, 0.10, 0.10 in the first five days of November, and the total supposed to be 0.52 dollars but the total is 0.50 dollars instead of 0.52 dollars. I don't know why there is discrepancy. ...

      • Samsung Galaxy Note 3

        Samsung Galaxy Note 3

        3 years ago

        Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 if you are already using samsung galaxy note 2?