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I'm Charles Russell Stockdale. I survived a major heart attack in 2008 at the age of 56. My hubpage about that traumatic event is for anyone wishing to avoid having a heart attack, or the drugs and/or surgery if you do have one and survive.

See How To Reverse Cardiovascular Disease 

My cardiologist disowned me when I refused to take his (six) drugs. I chose "alternative" treatment and five years later - as you can see from my photo - I continue in good health and strength.

As I age my main interests include health and wealth. Sometimes I let off steam. For instance, you can read in my pages how I lost $50,000 in USA "Investment" property.

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I've just received a $50 payment to my PayPal account from HubPages and I don't consider myself a writer. More of a ranter, perhaps!

Thanks for visiting my profile! 

Live Long & Prosper!

Charles S (UK) 2012

PS - For extra income. I personally use and recommend programs on my adboard.

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