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I will be sharing the thoughts of 90% of males out there who are afraid of, and uncomfortable with, sharing thoughts in a fashion in which I intend on sharing them here on Hub Pages.

I will be sharing what 90% of males wish they could say if they knew it was not going to be perceived as socially unacceptable. The other 10% of males are bold and brave enough to say it without fear. That 10% gains great rewards. That 10% also pays dearly for it. I am one of those 10% who is putting man to words on behalf of those 90% of males who fear to open up.

Yes, I will be sharing the thoughts and the reasoning's for that 10% too. So you can learn about us as well. As we do not think, nor act like the other 90%. The other 90% would not be using the word 'nor'.

So be it a thought on any topic, a story from my past, reasons for my preferences, justifications for my beliefs, observations from my day, or lessons learned from all my days. You will gain a perspective on how, and why a man truly thinks in they way they do. A perspective of all the things they wish they could say and could do. A perspective on everything they do with reason and understanding provided.

That is my objective here. Because I love to write, and I love to share food for thought with no expectations beyond that. Limiting expectations, limits disappointments.

I will not be presenting article style writings full of comfortably interpreted, and preferentially presented versions of facts and figures to be consumed, contemplated, and digested. I will be sharing my individual perspectives, stories, observations, beliefs, reasoned justifications, personal preferences, logic, and experiences from my past, and from my today.

The volume of, and the diversity in, my interests have led to a wealth of experiences that will allow me to share quite a number of those here with you. Experiences that I have retained in semi-secrecy for years and years due to their rarity, and probability. With no intrest on my part in having my integrity and credibility questioned whenever sharing an experience. Extrordinary experiences that I, to this day, have a tough time believing for mysef. I shake my head in wonder, quite a bit.

I am also not a doom and gloom personality. No, far from it. A sharply quick wit will allow me to present lighter notes, reflections, scenarios, and humor towards all my favorite pent up topics just waiting to be unleashed. I love to laugh as much as I love to make others laugh. It is the best medicine indeed.

Welcome everybody ! My name is Jeff, and I am a Beach-o-holic. A straight, soon to be middle aged man that the kids have trouble keeping up with. Yes, and on occasion, I too still need some serious adult supervision. ~smiles~

Truly a Renaissance Man who was born and raised as a Chicagoan. Proud of my American Polish Irish heritage. A Loyal Cubs Fan having attended my 1st Cub Game when I was 4 months old. The thought of Chicago Food leaves me mouthwateringly (New Word There Everybody!) speechless. I am still a boy at heart who still loves frequent, elongated sessions of throwing, chasing, and catching a Frisbee. I am one who believes that the Chicago Lakefront, and the Chicago Beaches are two of this worlds best kept secrets.

A fan of all things musical and artistic, with an expansive history to support this claim. I have been to a lot of places. Having an uncanny ability, combined with effort and the luck of being at the right place at the right time knowing the right people doing the right things. So many people, places, and things that have enabled my good fortune which will keep me forever humble, and forever wondering 'Why Me?'.

I am opinionated without having to be disrespectful with greedy misguided self serving objectives applied with senseless, fruitless confrontation. Meaning that I hate turmoil and will avoid it with everything in my own powers to do so.

Abrasive is not the intent of my words shared, but instead can be the result from how ones own personal preferences interprets them. I speak my mind through my words. The effect of my words are determined by the individuals who have been exposed to them.

Proving myself right is not an obsessive justification process that I need to succeed at in order to preserve some acceptable superficial image of myself. In our hearts we know when we are wrong. In our hearts we all understand that image is not everything. Even when our actions and reactions all too often forget that.

Image should never be worth the cost of ones own dignity, or integrity.

Yes, I offer food for thought that often challenges personal beliefs, and comfortable acceptance. I am not here with an intent to debate. I am simply here with the intent to make us all think.

Which makes all of us better people when we do.

Enjoy !



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