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I believe that life is about the journey, not the destination. While on this journey, I have found that each experience I encounter gives me the opportunity to learn more about myself. Its what I take away from the experience that helps me to become a better person.

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      • "Thanks" button on forum posts

        "Thanks" button on forum posts

        4 years ago

        I've been a member of many forums in the past, and they all had a thanks button for each post in the forum and each comment made on the post.   I would LOVE to see this added to the HubPages forum!! ...

      • New Followers

        New Followers

        5 years ago

        First off, let me say this.  I am not in any way, shape, or form complaining.  I'm just curious as to why.Over the last week or so, I've noticed I've gotten a lot more followers.  Anywhere from one to...

      • subdomain traffic

        subdomain traffic

        6 years ago

        I looked at my traffic sources this morning, and there were several listed under my new subdomain.  I guess I'm wondering if anyone knows how that "traffic" gets there.  Is it just someone clicked on...

      • Mark As Spam?

        Mark As Spam?

        6 years ago

        I had a comment on my hub "How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint" and instead of giving me the option to approve it, I had the option to "mark as spam." It wasn't spam, so I didn't mark it as such, and...

      • Answers vs. Forum

        Answers vs. Forum

        6 years ago

        Yes, I'm a noob.  I will completely admit that. So if my question is answered elsewhere I am sorry for the duplication.I go out and read the answers frequently, adding my 2 cents when I have something of relevence...