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Has car buying ever left you in bitter tears?

I test drove a car and to make a long story short, my credit was awful, but all the ads said bad credit welcome. My objective was to trade in my SUV for an economy car. As they were working on my financials, they asked me to sit in their office (mind you it was a cubicle). As I proceeded to sit down, I overheard the financial officer say out loud within ear shot "Who would want to marry that?" as he poured through my credit. I felt like someone punched me. When he came into the office, I said "Who were you talking about?" He said his wife. I said "You're lying". I left quietly and wept.

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3 years ago
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sheilamyers says

3 years ago
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    MissMelissaK 3 years ago

    The "old" me would have done just that, but ever since I've grown closer to the Lord, I've changed spiritually. I chose to walk out of there with dignity and grace and cried privately. I got over it, but the initial "sting" hurt deeply.