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Do you use the "Vote Up/Down" feature? How?

Someone commented that the vote-down feature had been "misused." I'm curious if there's a consensus on the proper use of the vote-down feature. Do you vote down hubs, answers, etc because they're incorrect? Because you disagree with the opinions expressed? Because of bad grammar/spelling/punctuation? Because the hub is boring or just plain 'bad?' (I'm talking about voting down only, not flagging for possible violations.)

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Best Answer Sherry Hewins says

4 years ago
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    tmbridgeland 4 years ago

    Pretty much my thoughts. I no longer comment in political questions since my views are so different that they get voted out of existence. Lack of tolerance. I vote up, or ignore. If a whole Hub is badly written I just flag it for moderators, let them

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Teresa Schultz says

4 years ago
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Andrew (thranax) says

4 years ago