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Question about the RSS capsule...?

I have a bunch of hubs that are basically about "farming," but can't seem to get them to display in the RSS feed capsule. Do I need to change tags on these hubs? Group them differently? They are all in the "farming" hub group, but that word at the end of my RSS feed URL doesn't display all of the hubs I want it to... I'm a little RSS Feed impaired, any help would be great, thanks!

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DrMark1961 says

4 years ago
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    Rachel Koski (Farmer Rachel) 4 years ago

    Hi DrMark! Thanks for answering... I don't want the hubs on wine/cider to appear with hubs about gardening, farm animals, etc. I'm trying to figure out how to get hubs on gardening, farm animals, and "why farm?" in general to show up in the same rss.

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tigresosal says

4 years ago
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