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  1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
    Gcrhoads64posted 9 years ago

    Do you more experienced Hubbers believe writing about controversial topics like politics hurts or help your page traffic? For example, if you disagree with someone's political Hub, will you not visit their other Hubs?

    1. tsmog profile image78
      tsmogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Gcrhoads64! This reply is off the hip or I would giggle saying it is a 'On the Fly Production' referring to the videos I have attempted.

      This is a great question for the forums. My hope is you receive diversity with honesty seeking a communal answer. To remain focused I will re-post your question:

      "Do you more experienced Hubbers believe writing about controversial topics like politics hurts or help your page traffic? For example, if you disagree with someone's political Hub, will you not visit their other Hubs?"

      This is a very complex question hidden within simplicity of well chosen words. Politics, religion, and this or that is as controversial as "will the Packers win the Superbowl in 2013." Or, how will the rule changes at HP affect hubs? Will the insurgence of change in the global economy affect your dinning room table on Thursday night? How many jobs will be lost with the pounding surf of the rising seas of economic change. Or,  how many new ones, yet where becomes the question.

      What does Google have to do with it? Is Panda really the changes required by Google to appease the China Market Place and a global affect created? Did that global affect lead to an effect that programmers have not the knowledge, yet, to achieve that complexity of global marketing?

      Are the nuances of cultural respect, social mores and folkways, business ethics, variances in how the same language is taught regionally (specifically English), and national constitutions with their laws causing dilemmas for the ma and pa businesses of self publishing sites? Are these same questions occurring at self publishing sites in other global regions? And, abruptly someone says aloud, "What about Bing?" Another story . . .

      I have not the answers. Personally, while suggesting you take that like a dash of salt, toss it over your shoulder, and let what fall, fall, I arrive each morning with a simple theme of existence at HP. I trust and have faith that the leadership team knows more than I. That does not mean they are not learning too! They are. Yet, I ponder many things as they do regarding how paramount the decision of 'what to write about' is. Cagsil may have more to offer regarding views of politics. Change occurs both eagerly and reluctantly.

      An example is in the global news some are saying Don't worry about the March 1 deadline for US budget sequestration - Worry about a March 27 government shutdown instead (Article source Quartz, by By Tim Fernholz)

      The jest I seek to point to Gcrhoads64 is who will read the article you write. It is only and always only where the readership is that both article acclaim and criticism will be derived.

      Some facts to bear in mind from a hub article is who is the readership and how big is that marketplace:

      My Followers or whose ever followers (Each size varies by Hubber. This author has 1209 as of today - 03/03/13) today

      Hubpages authors (143,272 as of 09/27/2012 17:03:39 PDT) Question. Do the sum of followers exceed the authors?

      Google (@400 Million Registered Users - Sept. 2012 per Wikipedia (09/27/2012) 100 Million active on Monthly Basis)

      Internet or World Wide Web = 2011 est. 2,279,709,629 (2,280 Million) / United States = 245,203,319 (245 Million) or USA = ONLY 10.8% of World Internet Users are in the U.S.

      Oddly, sharing, I had two questions published moderated tonight. I giggle, while sharing I have no problem with agreeing to disagree no matter the method. Those two each have over 6 readers having just checked (03/03/2013 @7:10 PM PDT) What are they pondering is the question, yet not the question? One asks when is a paragraph too long? An example is shared from the internet from New Yorker Magazine. The other shares the newest published global trends available at the esteemed Gallup Organization with a shared link.

      So, answering your question is a challenge, you see, it depends on who reads it. Then things like ethics, moral character, and on and on come into play. Purpose is pondered too. A question may be proposed. Is it a question of odds? Frank Zappa said the odds be 50/50, yet Vegas or Reno or Monte Carlo or a Princess Cruise off shore would term it as 1:2. For those who are not familiar with betting odds that means one time out of two will be right.

      For now, I suggest remembering I shot from the hip. Maybe this will make sense. Maybe not. Or it may be moderated. Or, I may be moderated. Yet what was said may be of importance with the overall picture.

      I can only offer this advice with your question. Determine purpose first. Is that purpose purposeful? Ponder. Then decide if so, to what extent are you willing to sacrifice. Does that have a worth greater than the value, while remembering definitively within philosophy and economics, worth has no value until it is exchanged for something tangible of value.

      We are both writers and authors and the ratio is determined by you the autonomous individual and your audience and that worth, not the readership and their value(s). To succeed with an acclaim to wealth of any kind - monetary, followers, accolades, and etc. one may have to be a writer first and an author second, bearing in mind it is the readership paying the price tag for admittance to the show. Remember to they may ask for a refund in some form or format. That show is information seeking to fulfill a purpose. That purpose more than not is at times a request and other times a plea, "Help me with . . ."

      The Goodyear Tire corporations says this regarding the customer or clientele:
      First - warm friendly greeting
      Second - determine the customers needs
      Third - recommend the product or solution
      Fourth - ask for the sale
      Fifth - Provide the product or service
      Sixth - follow up, follow up, follow up

      I hope this helps any who read.

      Remember to have a great day, smile, and have fun, fun, fun . . .


      1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
        Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        So basically you are saying is it's 6 of one, a half dozen of the other depending on what breed of chicken is laying the eggs? wink

        1. tsmog profile image78
          tsmogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Emotions are a bit unfamiliar to me. Yet, I have a friend who uses them and I like them. I will try here a reply of agreement and joy - wink

          Do have a great day remembering to smile and having fun, fun, fun . . . (pssst I rarely make trips to the forums because of no. 6 -  I usually do not have time to follow-up. However, this seems to fit an affect of Synchronicity of those two moderated questions at the answer section. The final outcome I am very happy with. The odds did wind up being 1:2 smile


          1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
            Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this


    2. sen.sush23 profile image60
      sen.sush23posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I don't consider myself very experienced, though I have been here for two years. I had this same question rise in my mind as a green Hubber, and it was less related to writing hubs and more to participation on the forums.

      The answer may make you feel kind of let down, but the truth is, we human beings even today have a low tolerance and poor attention for opinions that are not our own. I felt more marginalized in my attempts at conversation on the forums, than ever before. And though I never understood it, but I definitely noted a fall in my rating after going up to the hilt into any religious or political debate. So, the most obvious thing I did was, to ignore the forum threads unless they are about literature or culture. However, like our society, HubPages is teeming with questions on religion (or rather dictums), and American politics. World politics, humanity, tolerance are subjects that do not seem to interest anyone.

      When it comes to writing hubs, you cannot expect too many readers on politics. I wrote a few, and they were not at all controversial, but I hardly got any takers. I may not be too good at reporting politics, but I am a student of politics and I thought I could learn to report things and a particular view point, however, nobody is ready to listen. I think Len Cannon has put it rightly across. Sites like HubPages are good for stuff like 'Top 10 list'..I have only one hub on sensational stuff, which is of course not allowed to participate in the revenue earning game, and which is always top of my list of well-read hubs. It is on rape. Though, it was written with a lot of passion, and personal involvement in the cause of rape victims, I am not sure what gets the traffic. It is only few of the elite of HubPages who have posted valuable comments, and I am glad for that.

      Now the choice is yours whether you want to write on the subject (if it is your passion, you probably would) or you want to earn the pennies!

      1. tsmog profile image78
        tsmogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I both accept and acknowledge your sound advice sen.sush23. I can only read between the lines what many entry level members at hubPages discover - a platform for 'their' voice. Enticing to say what you may have always wanted to say. And, it can be seductive as well. I felt that and listened while reading others too traveling that path.

        Eventually, whether that be overnight or over a year or more we discover we have a voice, yet there are octaves, pitches, or various ranges. Remembering this is only a viewpoint being shared and in no way establishes a truth. Some like myself discover oddities like I am not a baritone. I am not a tenor. As a matter of fact regarding grammar I am probably tone deaf. Yet, I am as part of the choir as anyone else.

        My feelings is if there is a competitive team whose desire is to travel and compete against a more equal competitor, well then do so. I bet they could get a corporate sponsor if they tried. Hey, when they come back with the trophy I'll be one of the first to celebrate with them. Yet, remember, of course, it will be here the celebration will occur where the 'new' learners are curing like those fine wines on display. Those veterans of the life of growing grapes driving either their new ride or banged up '54 Chevy pickup will stop by and smile I am sure. Maybe their will be a dance in town that night. I'll tilt at least one.

        Whether we grow on the edge of the valley or down by the meadow or near the rolling stream there is fertile ground. Simple enough. Some learn fast and some don't. Me, I'm still in school learning about growing a crop. I have my forty acres of land and it is ready to be cleared. It only needs a good mule to pull that plow. Hey, I forgot, I'm that mule, awaiting to be hitched up. And, I know who will guide that team - both mule and plow. Next season's crop should pull enough for expenses, bread, butter, and maybe a special plot for some veggies. But, when my day away from the fields come I'll be working that vegetable patch both laughing and giggling with a friend. Who knows a neighbor may stop by just to say 'Hi.' Matter of fact I owe some visits here and there.

        Do have a great day sen.sush23 while remembering to smile and having fun, fun, fun . . .


        1. sen.sush23 profile image60
          sen.sush23posted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Tim, you know I am your reader...and you are not waiting for a crop next year!
          You are so correct, it is the fertile ground..but mostly of the people, and writers, that keeps me tied down with HubPages, and I cannot escape its lure. I don't earn anything , because much earlier in life the nonsensical Google Adsense gave me a kick, and for no reason I could understand or care about. But HubPages, as you say, allowed me to get strength into my fledgling wings to venture a flight...
          Thankfully, I am currently earning a living off my writing skills. So yes, stick by and write as per your choice, is what I agree to, whole heartedly.

          1. tsmog profile image78
            tsmogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

            Remember that term used while 'growing' up - ditto. I say ditto! Yet that flight taken, although seemingly of provocation, was not this author / writer. However, we became friends and now are a team. We are learning how to capitalize on both the negative and the positive. We have learned that our 'Free' and constantly bettered writing platform(s) does change within a fluid and dynamic marketplace, which honestly is beyond my comprehension.

            Those platforms are the synergistic combining of hubpages and Google's blogging environment 'Blogspot,' which is a notch below WordPress.Org. Again the lean is toward learning. The adventure of the venture is graduating from one level to another or possibly a diversification of investing between variables of those enterprises. What I feel is cool and most definitive for this author is that hubpages is just that a hub. No, not an article a hub of a wheel with spokes leading toward other adventures of the entrepreneurial spirit. And, like the energy of a rolling wheel, power is discovered rather than force as energy is transmitted through though spokes both ways.

            Thank the heavens for the leadership team here at HP and their resources, which are not endless, until a microscope is used. Then I think of the 'Theory of Reciprocity,=' and the simplicity of the enigma of the 'balance of nature' being explained (From the Expose Contemporary Science vs. Common Sense or the Theory of Reciprocity. I giggle sharing, even though I have read this essay more than once, I have no the knowledge of the understanding 'required' to write it nor shall lay claim of expertise, therefore not a hub candidate for this author being 'me.' However, I will from time to time offer it for the readership to consider.

            Sharing further at a question tonight asking what book have I reread of recent I shared they were three and I quote to maintain an ethical perspective:

            Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson M.D. (sold more than 26 million copies worldwide in 37 languages - written at the 7th grade reading level)

            Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy (more than 450, 000 copies sold and translated into 23 languages - about the 7th - 10th grade reading levels)

            My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss published posthumously in 1996 by Alfred A. Knopf. A children's book for all ages. The National Education Association named it as one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children." Translations - countless. Copies sold - they're still counting

            For me those represent success. Obviously the readership is diversified and spanning all of the myriad of colors of the rainbow. Yet, each comply with a simplified presentation focusing toward a specific market place - all people in general. They rely heavily on fable and folklore for logic, written at an average level of language, and all three trusted with faith on their publishers knowledge for the marketplace. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

            I've got to ready for the fields reporting to someone fields while I work mine in spare time. I've got to scoot. I've blabbed too long already, yet thank Hubpages for this opportunity while remembering it is the readership that will pay the price entrance to the show.


      2. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
        Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I best stay away from the controversial forums then. I have written a few political articles for Yahoo CN and they do better then my others. I probably will continue to write them as it is an outlet for all the craziness on Facebook!
        Thank you for your advice. smile

  2. Len Cannon profile image87
    Len Cannonposted 9 years ago

    Back when I started writing at HubPages, I used to write the occasional political opinion piece.  Looking back, it was largely a waste of time. I wasn't earning much off of them and the majority of traffic came from friends or people on HubPages arguing! The few google hits I'd get would usually be from people who disagreed with me.

    HubPages isn't a great place for pundits. Write about info or top 10 lists.

    I guess if you want to get traffic about controversial stuff, write articles like Top 10 dumbest politicians or something lik ethat.

    1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
      Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Narrow it down to 10?  Who could choose? smile

  3. psycheskinner profile image81
    psycheskinnerposted 9 years ago

    Controversy can be a source of traffic, but I think you need to have substance as well.

    1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
      Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, psyche. smile

  4. JayeWisdom profile image90
    JayeWisdomposted 9 years ago

    Whenever I run across someone with vastly differing views from mine (particularly political) in the forums, and especially if that person begins a thread in an argumentative manner, I check out his or her profile and see what types of hubs are posted. If the hubs are heavy on the controversial topic that first caught my eye, I stay away from that person's writing because I simply do not want to read what I consider propaganda.  However, if there are interesting and informative hubs written by that same writer that do not refer to the topic that makes my blood pressure rise, I will read them. I'm willing to give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove they don't deserve it.

    I've noticed a couple of HP members who write very few hubs (and those are of questionable value), whose prime reason for being on the site seems to be to incite arguments (not debates--heated arguments) on the forums. I stay away from them, refusing to be baited in the forums and knowing they have nothing posted on the site that I want to read and are unlikely to ever have anything of value to me.

    As for my own article writing (non-fiction), I tend to write about topics such as food safety and health. I don't write hubs about very controversial subjects--not because I do not hold strong opinions, but because others can write this type of article better than I.  (Also, I attempt to keep my blood pressure normal!  Ha-ha.)

    1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
      Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I don't mind reading opposing views, either, if they are well reasoned. It drives me crazy to read articles that are filled with political rhetoric and hyperbole. It increases my blood pressure also.
      Thank you for your input.

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image91
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I don't care what people think, but I do care if they become obnoxious about their views and begin abusing those who disagree.  When I see people doing this, I refuse to read their work or participate with them in any way, and if they comment on my hubs, I decline the comments.  We all have our own ways of looking at things, but nobody likes to be attacked or belittled because their views differ.

        1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
          Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Usually people attack when they are losing the argument.

    2. NMLady profile image78
      NMLadyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Well, I like how you handle this.  Mostly I do NOT read controversial hubs.  I belong to a news forum where I will discuss politics etc.  I use hub for a very different reason. 
      Your reply was a pleasure to read, BTW.

  5. jellygator profile image92
    jellygatorposted 9 years ago

    I think it's vital to figure out if the controversial topic is an evergreen one first. If it is, then writing about it should not hurt your views and may even generate interest.

    However, in some cases, ads may be disabled if the topic is controversial. This has happened with my abuse-related hubs. They still generate Amazon sales and good traffic, but they don't feature Google ads.

    The only other consideration is whether you'll get nasty comments and what you'll do about them. Some people really will go on a campaign to vote down your hubs if they don't like something you've said.

    1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
      Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for responding.
      I can handle the nasty comments. If people have to resort to personal attacks, they have no valid argument. smile
      But I am concerned with vote downs. Will too many cause my hub to be idled?

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image91
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Hubs generally are not idled due to "vote downs", unless the vote downs point to obvious problems with a hub.

        Someone who knows much more than I do advised me to scrap all of my political hubs because they lead to hard feelings, which then lead to people not wanting to follow you.

        Why put yourself at risk?  Write "clean" and you won't have to worry about any of these things.  Better safe than sorry.

        1. Gcrhoads64 profile image91
          Gcrhoads64posted 9 years agoin reply to this

          You're probably right. I can save my politics for Yahoo. Thanks for the advice. smile


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