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What are the criteria for payment of Amazon earnings?

What is the payment schedule for Amazon earnings? I've earned more than what I thought was the minimum for payment. Why aren't Amazon earnings being included in my monthly check?

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Best Answer Glenn Stok says

21 months ago
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    Jaye Denman (JayeWisdom) 21 months ago

    Thanks, Glenn. I know that my affiliate earnings are paid later, but because the Amazon sales are shown in my monthly earning totals, I thought there was a minimum amount that had to be reached before payout.

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Vicki L Hodges (Victoria Lynn) says

22 months ago
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22 months ago
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    Jaye Denman (JayeWisdom) 22 months ago

    My fees showed in both my total earnings and broken down by each completed purchase by the fee I earned for each in my Amazon Earnings on HP. Yet, I was not paid my Amazon earnings.