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How will the new feature, "how many unfeatured hubs out of total hubs" affect the morale of writers

either positively or more likely negatively? Will these new feature eventually cause some writers to stop writing for HubPages altogether & others to leave HubPages entirely to other sites or to establish their own sites?

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Peeples says

14 months ago
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    Paula (fpherj48) 14 months ago

    The designation of featured & unfeatured (as well as corresponding reason) are clearly posted on our statistics page 24/7, this should more than suffice to encourage writers to edit & repair. NO reason whatsoever to post publicly on our profi

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Lisa HW says

14 months ago
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dashingscorpio says

14 months ago
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    Lisa HW 14 months ago

    I wouldn't say I feel the least bit alienated here - just more careful about what I may post and/or trying to figure a way to make SOME things fit some version of "the latest cookie cutter". (Just cautious to the point of doing nothing. :/ )