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What holds material things together?

We know that liquids will fall under gravity and take the shape of whatever contains them. We know that gas expands until it fills the entire space. However, a shoe, a chair or a human body stays the same shape whether they're in a room, a cave, or parked outside in the weather. We could say that they slowly change; disintigrate, but what keep then consant for so long?

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Melvin Porter (melpor) says

3 years ago
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    Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) 3 years ago

    From this I deduce, Melpor, that when energy is taken away from water the molecules vibrate slowler and the bonds between the molecules grow stronger - hence, ice. What happens when and if vibration stops?

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Melanie Shebel (melbel) says

2 years ago
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