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Is it okay to use a YouTtube video if I was allowed to upload it to Facebook AND YouTube?

I've been trying to contact two people who made a recording of an original song. They haven't showed up on YouTube for about four years. I've sent emails to them through YouTube and have heard nothing. I've added their song to a video of mine for a hub. No response. Yet, when I experimented with uploading the video, along with another obvious CC license song on YouTube, I was allowed to upload it, unlike other videos with copyrights from famous singers. Is this song okay to use since YouTube allowed the upload? Is there anyone I can contact at YouTube? I haven't found any contact information.

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The Examiner-1 says

2 years ago
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Paula (fpherj48) says

2 years ago
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    Vicki L Hodges (Victoria Lynn) 2 years ago

    Oh, I need you, Effer! You just made me laugh--a much needed laugh with how my weeks, months, years have been going. I love the hell out of you. If you see my cat video hub coming through, see what you think. You can be my attorney!

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